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  1. Ok so ive been on proactiv for like 2 yrs- anyways my acne has been kinda getting progressively worse since then- and then i started to get one of the hard cysts every now and then- so i found this site and decided to try the regimen. I started it last night I use the purpose facial wash and then the neutrogena on the spot (about half a fingers length worth) and then the purpose mousturizer. I was sure to follow the directions carfefully-- My face felt tight after I put on the bp but i was expec
  2. well ive been on proactiv for hmm like 2 years and while at first a saw improvements it just isnt working out- the clay mask they give you a sample with in every kit is good tho-- i bought d'arcy drying cream since i ran out of the proactiv mask and its not as good... Any way i am going to try dan's regimen cus even tho proactiv has cut their price i just think maybe something else would be worth a try.
  3. proactiv stopped working so i considered murad and i checked out a few sites including this one before i got it and i thank God I did. Supposedly they say your skin breaks out b/c it is purging and then after that it starts to heal and is considerably better--- uh sorry im not willing to purge and have any more zits than i already do
  4. i use the extractor tool on my nose which is the only place i really seem to get them- it gets stuff out- but sometimes i go crazy with it and end up irritating the skin on my nose- but it is somewhat satisfying to use it and see that like something is coming out- but i guess maybe it just doesnt get all if it out-- there are a few spots on my nose where i think it has gotten rid of one or two but for the most part still there--
  5. hmm i wishh i just had a black head- my nose is like covered in what i guess is them and the corners of my nose to they dont bother me too much until i get in a bathroom mirror and then i end up going at them --- and then my nose gets all irritated--
  6. hmm yes id be interested to know--- i have one that keeps coming back as well but i dont wanna go to the derm - no money for that.... it is in the same place and its already scarred area just puffs up when one comes around..