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  1. My acne was mild to begin with and my derm. got me on a 4-5 month course of accutane and it completly cleared me up. 6 months later now, i'm starting to break out AGAIN in these little pimples here and there on my face and i'm worried. Do i need to see my derm again? I'm using some otc acne medication at the moment.
  2. its normal, i get these itchy red hives too.
  3. is it allowed for you to carry accutane while traveling?
  4. Late summer of last year i had a huge pimple and what i did was applied some toothpaste on it in hopes of decreasing the size of the pimple faster. It did work somewhat but now that the pimple seized i'm still left with a dark mark on my face i applied toothpaste on. It's been 1/2 year now and its still there. Hope this is not permanent. Nobody can really see it cuz i put pimple cover-up on it but after this amount of time i'd expect the scar or mark to go away....
  5. When i got on accutane about 3 weeks ago, my skin looked real good with no breakouts at 40mg. Up until last week when my derm. upped my dosage to a total of 80mg per day, i'm starting to breakout really bad. Guys, is this normal?
  6. my derm. just prescribed me accutane and i started my cycle a few days ago. I just wanna know when i should feel some of accutane's side effects?
  7. meats and seafood never really seem to break me out though.
  8. if its not the peppers, its either due to the stress from starting school again or it can be the ginger seasoned lobsters i've been eating over this past week. Can ginger cause acne?
  9. Could green and red pepper cause acne? i dunno, over these last few days i've been throwing some red peppers on my omlettes and i seem to be breaking out!!!
  10. you've been alot of help, tnx. My sister got some aloe vera and all the sunburn caused by the toothpaste on my skin is now peeled off.
  11. is cocoa butter and vitamin e ok to put on? i thought it helps? i'd like to go out and buy some aloe vera but my face looks likes it has been burnt. lol
  12. Over these last 2 days, i rubbed toothpaste all over my face before i went to sleep because i've been eating certain foods that usually cause me breakouts and my face now is all red. I don't know what to do now, can't even go out. Is this gonna be permanent and is there something i can use? crap!!!
  13. I just started using milk thistle and feel its give me a few pimples or two. Can this supplement do this to you when starting out?