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  1. Yes, just clean it, pat dry, and let it be. Some people like to put neosporin on it after that, but I never did. I just left it alone, and tried not to get anything potentially irritating on that area while it healed.
  2. Yeah, it only took about 4-6 months to get my correct dose. I think some people *do* have trouble finding the right dose, but generally those people have a variety of health problems, so their issues are more complex. As a bonus, my skin cleared up a lot once I got my thyroid straightened out.
  3. Why don't you want to take a thyroid supplement? I am hypothyroid as well, and I can tell you I felt 5000% better once I went on synthroid. If you don't want that, there is a medication called Armour, that is made from dried pig thyroid. Some people respond very well to that. You would have to talk to your doctor about it, because it is prescription only, and some docs are reluctant to try it. Read up on it.
  4. Toothpaste has hydrogen peroxide, not benzoyl peroxide. I tried it, and it left a horrible, dark chemical-like burn/bruise on my skin. Seriously, the spot on my chin was purple, almost black for 3 weeks. I will never do that again, and would not recommend anyone try it!
  5. Well, excessive iodine intake can effect thyroid function, which can impact skin, although it is generally considered to be rare, I think.
  6. Joshua, I would consider having your t3, t4, and tsh levels checked, to rule that out as a cause of this. If you show up as normal, but on the low end of the normal range, perhaps discuss with your doctor about a trial of thyroid meds, to see if it makes your skin better or worse. Jay, yes, I take levothyroxine. My thyroid crapped out after I had a baby. :/ Am I asymptomatic? Sorta. I still sometimes experience the symptoms that brought me to the doctor in the first place. BUT, I also
  7. Honestly, your skin looks fantastic. I have larger pores on either side of my nose, like what I see in your pics. I think it's just normal skin texture. You could try a retinol product to see if it reduces the appearance. It would also even out any blotchiness you can see, although really, I think what you've got is pretty normal skin from what I can see. And EVERYONE looks blotchy and weird in harsh lighting. That's part of why people in film and on tv wear so much make up...the ligh
  8. Ha, bek! I am actually 38, and I still didn't get anything from that product. Actually, a lot of anti-aging products are really great for acne. They usually have anti-oxidants and niacinamide, which is good for both. But Kinerase is just sort of "eh".
  9. Have you been evaluated by an endocrinologist? My acne got phenominally bad around my mouth right before I was diagnosed hypothyroid. Once I went on meds, I became 75% clear. Since you mention it gets really bad after sex, I wonder what your different hormone levels are like, and if that is contributing to the problem.
  10. I saw Dan's products on amazon.com. Parents may be more likely to trust a big company like Amazon, and order through there. (Personally, I am saving up for Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks, so I can buy Dan's BP through Amazon, that way I can keep costs down). Another idea for some one without a credit card is to get a visa gift card, (places like Walgreens and CVS sell them), and use that online. A lot of people do that, actually, because they feel it's more secure than giving their credi
  11. Kinerase is ok. I tried it, and while it didn't make my skin worse, it didn't really do anything remarkable for it either. I think you could get something better for a lot less money.
  12. Have you tried covering it with a bandaid at night, to see if that helps healing?
  13. When that happens for me, it usually means the sebum plug is still in there, keeping the pore clogged up. If you don't want to squeeze it to try to get the plug out, you might want to see a dermatologist about extracting it. I know it can be potentially scarring to squeeze a zit, but the cycle of inflammation/infection going on also has the potential for scarring.
  14. Any puckering of the skin will likely smooth out in time. It may not be immediate after the sutures are removed. It's been my experience it can take several weeks to months for post-op scars to smooth out. Granted, my experience is as a veterinary surgical nurse, and I don't work on primates. But, the theory is the same, regardless of species. I really wouln't use the baking soda on the incision, though. Generally, incisions heal best when you just leave them the heck alone and don't me
  15. The only thing I could say is, if the proactive was working for you, maybe you should have stuck with it, and just *added in* elements for anti-aging. Niacinamide is good for anti-aging and acne. For what it's worth, Clinique has ALWAYS broken me out. I think it's crapola, but I'm sure it's fine for some people.