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  1. I drank a whole lot while on accutane, and only had problem with my blood once which ended up being fine. I drank once the night before my appointment and was still fine.
  2. My side effects (mood swings, depression) went away within a few weeks of going off accutane. It amazes me how much happier I am now that I am off the medication, and my skin is still perfect!
  3. accutane shrinks your pores or whatever to the size they were when you were young and didn't have acne. Moisturizing your face doesn't counteract because it is drying you from the inside
  4. personally, as a female I wouldn't wear makeup as a male with acne. It sometimes brings more attention to it. as a female though, i tried to only wear makeup to class and wash it off before i worked out and when i was in my room. now that my acne is gone i don't worry as much, but nothing that clogs your pores is good for it!
  5. Mino worked for be for about 8 months, then just stopped. I guess people build up a tolerance for it. I've also heard it isn't safe to take for long periods of time, like most antibiotics.
  6. according to my dermatologist, any sunlight is bad for acne and may only be a temporary cure, if at all. many times your skin looks much better and is much healthier if you don't tan-
  7. I went off accutane about 3 weeks ago and was wondering how many of you after going off had no acne or had it come back as bad as it was before the treatment. So far no zits, so I'm hoping it will continue. Plus my dermatologist prescribed Clindagel so I'm hoping that will control it. Thanks-
  8. I had a different experience, I experienced severe personality changes on accutane and after breaking up with my boyfriend became pretty depressed. I am now off accutane and can say that while I have more confidence in my appearance, it didn't make me happier at all. I moped around a lot and just felt kind of worthless. Thankfully I am now off the drug and am starting to feel better about myself.
  9. I burned a hell of a lot less while on accutane than topicals, I just got back from Mexico and was fine, and I tan indoors once every week or 2.
  10. I use either the regular aveeno body lotion (recomended by my derm) or cetaphil
  11. I was on 20 mg for 2 months and 40 mg for 5 months, i havent had a zit since October, but with respect to my weight (110 pounds) i don't think my system could handle anymore than that. I am now off accutane and 40 mg cleared me completely.
  12. I am a college student and was on 40 mg/day of accutane. I drank a LOT while on accutane, like 10 drinks everytime I went out. I only weigh 110 pounds and I never failed a blood test, I even drank the night before an appointment, so I wouldn't worry about it.
  13. My experience with Retin-A was AWFUL! I had worse breakouts than before I started on it. What worked best for me for about a year was minocycline, tazorac in the morning, and benzaclin at night. I am now on accutane and thrilled with the results.
  14. I have not experienced any real side affects. no dryness, i wash my face once a day with cetaphil and moisturize once a day. once in a while i will be a little dry but not significantly.
  15. I have been visiting this site for about 2 years and around July I decided to start accutane. Honestly, it was probably the best decision I ever made for my skin. By the time I left for college, I was almost 100% clear and now at the end of my 4th month on 40 mg/day, I am completely clear. I had moderate to severe acne for most of my senior year. Usually on this board you only here about the problems with accutane. I have had almost no side effects, the only one being dry nose. The only suggesti