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  1. Hi, Let's work together to get you cured. We are in the same boat and I exactly know how you feel because I have gone through the same thing for 7 years. First, please go through my blog post (I have pasted the link below) and let me know whether you have experienced anything similar to my state. (dietary allergies, etc) So we can start from there. I will help you until things get better! Sometimes it's not what you apply on your face. You need to work on life style changes. And you ar
  2. Thank you for the reply AldoMG! Yeah I also switched to once a night. And it seems to be working fine. When I use it twice a day it was all itchy, wrinkly and I was totally at unease. Glad to hear that you are doing okay. I hope that It will work for me aswl. I'm on the 4th week now. :)
  3. Hi Guys, Ok..This is my acne story. I'm a 27 year old girl who works as an IT Consultant. Since I was 16, I got one or two breakouts here and there when it was the time for my periods. But the real damage started in 2008. when I was at college. First i got one cystic acne on my forehead and then it just started spreading. It was worse on august 2008 and I got my first cause of microdox from a dermatologist (an antibiotic) for acne and Isotrexin and some other ointment. And that was the start o
  4. Hi All, I started my acne.org regimen exactly two weeks back and my face it really itchy and dry. Also the moisturizer makes me break out and it makes my face really oily. I have extra super oily face. I had severe acne and I have done almost everything there is. I have had severe and cystic acne since 2008. I'm a 27 year old girl. Laser treatment, antibiotics, medication lotions and creams, face wash, diane35, extractions you name it, I have done it. I'm also on a non milk, fish, m