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  1. http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/beauty/how-often-should-we-shower-much-less-often-than-you-think-20150310-140487.html So a study shows that showering too much may lead to the natural oils of the skin being stripped. I have stopped showering as much and I have noticed an improvement in the skin on my body. However I still wash my face once a day and there hasn't been much difference. If I apply this concept to my face as well do you think it can work? Has anybody tried washing their face less
  2. usually i use natural oils + moisturiser but if i stop this, i'm afraid my skin might be too dry and my oil barrier might be stripped. also if i stop this, my acne might come back and leave scarring. what do you guys think?
  3. Hi so I think if i stop all acne products e.g. bp, sallycilic acid, moisturiser, jojoba oil etc then my skin will be better and more 'natural' in the long term. However I have stopped for one day and my skin is very dry and tight. Should I continue with this? Thanks so much
  4. So I was prescribed retinoid+ benzoyl peroxide and an antibiotic a few months ago. It helped my acne but I still get pimples and I'm looking for a long term solution. i'm considering Retin A and Accutane but considering the side effects are there any other medications that would remove the acne? Thank you very much
  5. Here is a message to everyone with acne who may feel very depressed. Just remember there are definitely ways to control your acne and over time it will get better. I know it may seem very hard waking up everyday and looking in the mirror and dealing with the psychological and physical pain. And just remember it could always be worse. People and their families die everyday from deadly diseases and violence in third world countries. Kids with cancer don't get a chance to experience life's joys. Ta
  6. Thank you very much where can I purchase the Acne.org AHA? Anywhere locally or is it online?
  7. what a stupid response. how does that answer my question in any way? If you're going to reply be helpful at least........
  8. What usually happens to me is I get a pimple or 2 when I wake up 1 day then a few days later it's gone. And then I have no pimples for 3 days. Then more pop up. It seems like everytime one disappears, more appear. How do I actually stop it from coming up at all and how will I know if it has stopped completely? Thank you very much gl.
  9. It contains Hydroquinone, Salicyclic acid and Padimate O. It's called Superfade Face cream. Thank you very much
  10. I plan on buying and using a product that has AHA. I'm also purchasing a fade cream. Are there any risks involved in using these products? From your experience using these products, have they been effective in removing hyperpigmentation? Thank you very much
  11. Thanks for all the replies. My dermatologist told me there is a chance that my acne would get worse initially on Accutane which can cause more scarring as well as several other side effects. I'll discuss it with him and decide if Accutane is really necessary since most of my acne is hyperpigmentation. leelowe1 I have used a retinoid mixed with benzoyl peroxide before (which contains retin A) and it didn't make much difference to the hyperpigmentation although the breakouts definitely slowed down
  12. ok here are the pics..... i have more on my forehead and on the other side as well. I'm pretty sure it's hyperpigmentation also I still get pimples like every 4 days. Thanks very much oh i forgot to mention i'm wearing moisturiser now it's usually a lot dryer thank you very much
  13. So my doctor and my dermatologists recommend i go on Accutane although most of my face is flat red marks that don't hurt. I thought these marks were hyperpigmentation but my doctor said it was scarring and that the colour will disappear in 12 months time. (Isn't that hyperpigmentation?) So I was wondering, does Accutane work for hyperpigmentation or flat red painless marks. I thought hyperpigmentation was just those flat red marks...... I'll try and include a few photos to give an idea of what