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  1. AnonGirl9

    Body Acne

    Who else here gets acne literally EVERYWHERE? It's soooo frustrating. There's been countless times I've just cried because of how horrible it is. I even get some on my stomach. I've spent all of my teenage years covering up during the summer. I can't wear tank tops, sleeveless dresses, anything that shows my back, and no v-necks. I'm 19 now and this summer has been no different than all the others. I just feel like giving up. I'm tired of trying different crap that has no effect whatsoever
  2. Okay so this is embarrassing to post, but I figure since so one knows who I am anyway, what the heck. I have included a picture of my shoulder area. They look like little blackheads, but when I squeeze them nothing comes out. I have them on my chest too and it's annoying cause I feel like even if I get my acne to clear up, I'm still gonna have ugly skin. So what do you guys think? Are they blackheads? Or just large pores? (Ignore the redness on my skin, that's just where I had been
  3. AnonGirl9

    Caveman Regimen

    Okay good. Cause last time I did it, my face turned a brown color and I looked dead. One of the main reasons I didn't last the whole month.
  4. AnonGirl9

    Caveman Regimen

    I have done the caveman regimen before but not for the whole month, just two weeks. I wanted to start it again but I was wondering if it's better to not let anything at all touch your face during it or if you should at least wash it with water?
  5. AnonGirl9

    Cursed With Acne

    @leelowe1, I have tried multiple things. I've tried face wash you can buy at walmart/any drug store, I've tried all natural treatments, and I've been to a dermatologist who prescribed me something about as worthless as rubbing dirt on my face. I even tried the caveman regimen but my face became so dry that it literally turned a brown color. I feel accutane might be my only other option
  6. Ugh I have the same thing on my shoulders! At first I thought they were black heads but nothing comes out when I squeeze them. It's so annoying I have no clue what it even is
  7. AnonGirl9

    Cursed With Acne

    I've read posts on this site for a long time, but I finally caved in and made an account so I could make my own post. I have no one else to vent to that would understand, so I'm just going to rant for a bit about the horrible effect acne has had on my life. I started breaking out before I was even a teenager, I was around 12. It started out as just a few spots here and there on my face, but it got so much worse. I am now 19 and have it literally EVERYWHERE. I have it on my chest, my sh