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  1. just a question, if testosterone causes acne why do women get severe cases of acne? I hope this ques isnt stupid I am just wondering. I am now 5 months pregnant with a baby boy and since becoming pregnant my acne has become a million times worse!, although i had acne before pregnancy too I am just wondering if pregnancy increases testosterone and this is causing acne? Thanks Jenni
  2. I want to thank everyone again for the advice and support I just wanted to give an update, I talked to my ob/gyn at my last appt. and asked if she would approve of me taking oral erythromycin since antibiotics (doxycycline, monodox) have really helped my acne before pregnancy and she took one look at my very acne covered face and looked disgusted and said it would be fine and gave me a note for my dermatologist. Its hard not to feel like a freak every time I leave my house but I try to stay p
  3. I want to thank everyone for being so supportive, and giving me some really good advice and ideas. I feel alot less alone knowing other woman have gone through this too. I have made an appointment with my derm. for Monday which is after my ob/gyn this Saturday so I can talk to my ob and give her some of my information about what I found should be safe and if she is ok with me taking it. I'm thinking about trying the clean skin regimen too since benzoyl peroxide is pretty safe according to most
  4. thanks for the support I am taking prenatal vitamins in fact I take ones with extra iron for slight anemia , I never knew iron could affect acne, so thanks for the bit of info, I will consider asking my doctor if I can switch vitamins to one with less iron. Thanks again Jenni
  5. I'm unexpectantly pregnant and was forced to go off my monodox/doxycycline. My acne has gotten really horrible the longer I am pregnant and all the dermatologist would give me was a topical erythro/benzoyl peroxide cream. I would just like to know before I ask my ob/gyn if she'll allow me to take oral erythro if it has helped anyone with moderate to severe acne? Thanks Jenni
  6. I am 21 years old and I got pregnant with my bf unplanned. Before getting pregnant I had been on antibiotics (doxycycline and monodox) for probably 3 years and had forgotten how HORRIBLE my acne could be. I had to stop taking the doxy as soon as I found out I was pregnant and at first I was fine just small breakouts. Now I am 15 weeks pregnant and my acne is the most severe it has ever been. I want so much to try to stay positive and happy during my pregnancy but I can't even leave my house. I