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  1. AMEN! My dad had really bad acne and all his brothers and sisters so that tells me it is genetic. Me and my brother both have had to deal with acne and now are getting to our 40s. This was one of the reasons I decided to never have children. I don't want to pass on the shitty genes. My brother agreed so our bloodline ends with us! I would rather adopt than have a kid to deal with what I've had to.
  2. yvonne, the best thing I've EVER found for them is Bentonite clay. I got it at the health food store. I mix it with purified water to make a thick mud mask. I have started putting a few drops of olive oil into it and put it on. Let it dry and it will tighten up a lot. After it has hardened about 20 minutes I wash it off in warm water. Not one pore will be left clogged!
  3. I ran across the gallbladder/liver flush a few years ago and I tried it. I see there are a few versions and the one that has lemons in it, usually is the one I hear people say they do NOT get any out. I use the one with grapefruit juice and let me tell you, I've gotten to numerous to count out of my body with that recipe. The first time I got nothing but decided to try again one week later. I hit the motherload! I did another about 2 months after that and got just as many. Classic bright green o
  4. Jay, I, too, have done a lot of research over the years and have come to the conclusion that like many others have found, antibiotics does affect the flora in your system. I tried various probiotics from health food stores but they didn't seem to have any noticeable affect. I gave up on it but then I ran across a product I thought I'd try. Why not, right..we've all tried them all so one more isn't going to hurt at this point in my life. It is a probiotic made in Japan by GHT (Global Health Tra
  5. WOW! I have been reading through your journey and those last pics, dude you look flawless! No kidding, and I'm a guy. Congratulations on your healing journey. I wish I had discovered a way to heal mine 20 years ago as I'm almost 40. Don't give up on what you have discovered, stay strong and live your new life with joy!
  6. I ran across this thread and wanted to share my experience. I heard about the flush accidentally (Hulda Clark version) I thought that maybe my acne could be caused by toxic liver since it filters the body. I did not do any apples thing and her only recommendation is to eat right up to the night of the flush but the morning of it, don't eat any fatty foods for breakfast and a light lunch not eating after 2pm or you will be sick. This is supposed to cause pressure to build up in the gall bladder f
  7. Hi. I had forgotten about this site for several years and ran across an old post. Maybe bringing this back with a "Bump" can help someone. I still stand by my original post. Also, another thing I have found since then for SCARing is an all natural oil made from olive oil (which is great for skin even though you think "oil") and camphor (which I think is the magic ingredient). Below is the link to it. It is a formula from the psychic Edgar Cayce back in the late 1800s and early 1900s. I have used
  8. I did the liver flush and I was totally amazed at my resutls. I was so amazed, I continued to do them and am even more amazed that stuff is continually inside me! yuk! I found out about Dr. Huldas flush and decided to try it. First time = 0 stones. I thought I did something wrong and tried 2 weeks later. I got 100's of stones. I have since done about 5 more and get more every time. I have passed 1000's upon 1000's of them! no joke! I think that the low-fat breakfast did the trick. It says that
  9. Hi, i have never posted here before but I have been reading and I felt like commenting on some things that might help someone else. I realize there can be diet-ance connection but it can also be physical. Leaky Gut Syndrome (I feel) plays a big role in acne. I think this is why some people can eat whatever and others can't without having acne problems. I am 33 year old male and have had acne my entire life. I am one of those it deeply affected and I have a bad self-image I am trying to repair. I