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  1. Mine started when I was about 12 and im now 24. I still have acne and I've never been really clear since it started. I've tried about everything under the sun
  2. I found it did dry my skin out - not to a painful or problematic point but in a good way. My face seems less oily now - I used to put powder on all the time because I was oily/shiny but now i dont feel the need to
  3. I would say I had moderate acne - I had cystic acne as well as the smaller stuff like blackheads but I didnt/dont have that really scarring type that leaves the ice pick scars. Since smoothbeam I have still had, mm maybe three cysts but they healed really fast. Ill check out your other thread. Good luck to you!
  4. Well its now February and I am probably about two months out from my last session. I had a total of two session and decided to see what I thought before getting more because of the money. I would say I am definitely less oily. I do have less acne - i can definitey tell in some areas that were really bad before. However, I woudn't say Im 90% clear like they advertised. My skin is a lot smoother and my scars, including a non-acne scar on my face look a lot better. They are hardly noticeable. I
  5. Ive been taking only 2.5-3.5 grams of B5 (.5 of that total also coming from a B complex vitamin) for the past two weeks and have noticed good results. I am not 100% clear but Ive noticed a big reduction in new acne and the acne that has come up has definitely gone away much faster. I had a cyst type one come up but it has gone back down without ever becoming awful. Im not sure if I will try to go higher because Im pretty happy with this result and not having to take too many pills. Id give the l
  6. I use purpose soap in the summer because it is so drying and my skin needs is more oily in the summer. However I have found that switching to Purpose liquid soap in the pump works for me in the winter and I dont need to moisturize. Maybe it is just me but i dont think the liquid purpose is as drying as the bar but i still think it cleans well and doesnt break me out.
  7. I just started using Neutrogena Combination Skin moisturizer ($9) and think its really good at controlling oil. I find its not quite moisturizing enough on my forehead, which is dry, but my noise and cheekbones are oily and the stuff seems to help a lot. It feels really greasy when you first put it on - I thought - ewww Im using too much but within a minute it soaks in and doesnt feel greasy at all. Im having good luck and it doesnt seem to be irritating at all or causing any breakouts or clogge
  8. has anyone found cheap places to get good jojoba oil?
  9. In case there are others out there reading this with the same concersns I thought I would send an update: I had my consultation today and my first treatment. The doctor told me to expect a breakout while the zits already forming sufaced but he said within 2-3 treatments i should expect 80% -90% improvement by the time Im done. He definitely said i have to be patient though- it will take a while for my skin to clear but took pics so I could see the difference at the end of the treatments. My do
  10. That's really good to hear. My first consultation is on Friday and I think I might get zapped that day. Im just a little nervous about spending so much money I want to make sure Im doing the right thing - Im not as worried about my scars (even though i have a lot) as the acne that keeps coming and coming. How many treatments have you had/going to have? Do you think two does enough or more are needed to see benefit
  11. I was wondering if anyone had tried smoothbeam for getting rid of acne, not just scars or if those treating scars had seen a significant reduction of active acne. Thanks