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  1. I don't know how old are you or how long you have been fighting acne but please do never ever let this define you. I have lost the best moments of my life locked up in my room fearing people's judgements. Truth is : people are going to look at your acne and they might say something out loud which will make you feel down, but in the end it doesn't matter. Stand for youreslf, you're not your skin, it's just a part of your apparence. You have so many other important things about you and a lot of pe
  2. Hello everybody i'm so glad I found this topic I've been using differin for almost 4 weeks now and for the past 2 weeks I've been experiencing an awful initial breakout but nothing too crazy, they're now fading away and the scars too but I can't see some major improvement I'm still at week 4 It's just so hard to look at a mirror when your acne got 3 times worse you know how it feels How is everybody doing with differin? What was your initial breakout like? I hope you all feel satisfied wit
  3. Does its job

    I have already used Differin two years ago but stopped after one month of using, my skin was doing very well and I experienced no breakouts for a long long long time. at my sophomore year my skin got bad and nothing changed it, so for one year I have used over the counter products and even though there was a certain clearing up it was short term my dermatologist put me on this and It's been two days since I'm using this and I can see a large change even though I have experienced some break