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  1. i highly doubt that you cant understand what im typing, if you want to overexaggerate, do it on your own time, but your waisting my time. quit acting like a little piece of turd and stop.
  2. mo2001

    Oily Skin

    Its so funny how people in here really do give advice to people and they dont know what they're talking about. oh, did you try this, and if you use this while using this, and bla bla bla, good luck with that oil thing, but i highly doubt your going to find someone on here that can tell you how to fix this problem, go to a derm. thats about all i could tell you, i have my own method, that did work for me, but people on here are very critical about it for some reason , you can find it if you wan
  3. Just spell words correctly and use correct grammar the first time and you wouldn't need to coerrect it. since when did this turn in to school, i thought we were talking about something else. well if you want to correct me go ahead, but really, i dont care about it. sorry.
  4. But that's the thing. You probably grew out of your acne, but the chemicals you continued to use kept your skin irritated and breaking out. Seems pretty obvious to me that you grew out of your acne so no more need for topicals. Congratulations. im 18, im still a teenager, im not an old man, my acne started at 16 when i used the soaps, it doesnt take a genius to figure out what happened, some people are in their 40s with acne, dont they grow out of it? 2 years of using soap and 2 years o
  5. well, im sorry for whoever has acne and this method didnt work. It could be that your doing something wrong. maybe rubbing your face or rubbing the oil all the way off. But it was completely obveouse that i didnt grow out of my acne, i kept getting it and getting it, it stopped right when i started washing my face with only water. I mean almost overnight. i know ive read on here alot of people had this happen to them too, it worked almost overnight for alot of people on this website. thats
  6. what did she was with?, is proactive and other stuff made for all skin types? i dont think so, so why do they recomend it for everyone? money. before chemicals everyone was left with only water, and they were fine.
  7. it works, try it, splash face with water 6- 10 times , 2 times a day, and pat it dry, dont rub your face at all. just leave it alone. your face will have very little oil on it, but its supposed to be that way, a natural moisterizer. you can also rince your face with the water in the shower and then pat it dry, i tried it and im saying it worked, people that havent tried it are saying it doesnt work. i did break out once after i tried it, like a week into it, but after that nothing, not one mor
  8. because, i didnt figure this out just out of nowhere, i looked it up, and a doctor recomended this method, and yes i forgot the site but im going to try to look it up. people are so naive when it comes to this situation, if the product says "eliminate acne in 3 days" they'll buy it, it could even be a stick of butter and they still will put it on.
  9. well, i said it before, and i'll say it again, this method worked for me, i dont know for sure if it works with all skin types, but im pretty sure it does. it worked for me right away, it worked, i dont know how many times i have to say it worked, but it did, so anyone that doesnt think it works, let me ask you something. did you try this method? cause i dont think you did, otherwise you would agree with me. and like i said before, everyone gets acne, everyone. they are hormones caused by a ch
  10. i dont know what your talking about, people commiting suicide, but hey, i dont have acne now, and thats why i wrote that, it worked right away and it worked better than any product i ever used, so yeah, it works. anyway, i dont know where you got your "sources" but maybe you should list them down so people could check them out. I dont understand why people that havnt tried something act like they know all about it even though they havnt tried it.
  11. it probably wont be really bad, it wasnt really bad for me, it was just kinda bad, but its definately worth it. and it took about a week and a half, but i think that was just from the acne that was going to come out eventually anyway. so i dont think you have much to worry about, i did this starting in february, and after i broke out that once i havnt had not one pimple or anything, and i used to get cysts and pimples all the time, now not even a remote sign of any pimples or anything. but it
  12. hi, ive been saying this for a long time now, people still dont believe me. i believe that acne is caused by the products we are using, and its a continuing cycle because once you finally get acne, you want to find a product to eliminate it. Most people dont realize that they are getting it more, the more they try the products, but its true. Everyone gets pimples sometime in their life, its natural because of hormones and all that, but it isnt suposed to be as severe as some people have now.