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  1. not sure i'm happy with these sa peels. my face looks kinda funny
  2. i think there's a big chance you would experience high level of skin irritation
  3. yes, mini peels produce more immediate results, but do not expect anything after one peel, you need to do the whole series but, don't stop r-ala if you like it, it's an amazing product, jsut make sure you do not use it 24hrs prior to and after the peel 1/2oz size will be enough for two series of full face peels
  4. lactic and ga won't do anything about scars they don't go deep enough to affect scars you should try tca instead
  5. alpha hydrox won't help with pimples it will help with redmarks, uneven skin tone and signs of photo-ageing
  6. did my fourth sa peel last night again left it on for around half an hour, and then it started stinging badly, so i washed it off immediately this morning skin is a bit strange to the touch - not silky and smooth like after pevious three peels - i think we even might have some flaking here soon. at least i hope so. what's really amazing is that each and every blackhead on my face is gone by this morning
  7. Again, lactic, or any other acid used as a chemical peel, is only available to consumers in products containing lactic/glycolic/salicylic etc acid applying food to your skin doesn't have exfoliation properties, or any other benefit whatsoever no chemical peels are 100% natural - they are extracted from various natural sources, but they need synthetic aid to become what they are
  8. this recipe makes no sense to me first: where is bha in this concoction? second: there is no glycolic in this recipe third: why would you make a messy mask like this, when you can buy lactic acid and apply it alone, and it will probably produce better results by itself then in this clay will only dry out your skin, so don't use it, unless your skin is very oily sugar will make no beenfit to your skin, unless you use it as a mechanical exfoliant, but this can be very harsh if you're using white s
  9. there is very little difference between spf 15 and spf 30 spf 15 offers 95% protection, while spf 30 offers 97% protection i may have got the exact figures slightly wrong, but the point is that the difference is irrelevant in ordinary day wear if you spend your day on the ebach, then only might you feel the difference so the answer to your quesiton is - yes, spf 15 is quite allright, just be sure you apply it generously, and reapply it every once in a while
  10. well, you answered your question already it does say to prep your skin it also says it's fine to use anything from alphahydrox the only thing i would add in this case, since it's 12% i would use it once a day, not twice you wouldn't want to make your skin too sensitive the early feeling of stingin is not due to better penetration caused by use of alpha hydrox - alpha hydrox also exfoliates your skin and new skin shows. new skin is more sensitive and it's thinner than the old skin, so reacts muc
  11. just be careful not to burn your skin the skin doesn't necessarily peel after the first - it usually takes 2-3 peels to get the flaking start. you should take the acid off as soon as the stinging becomes unpleasant
  12. just find some pure aloe vera, it's probably the best after-peel remedy
  13. mmmm... it's been so long - i forgot how great diacneal was! will bring it back, 3x a week - my skin cannot handle it every day, but this dosage is for sure a bingo