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    Zinc Oxide

    I cannot comment on the healing factor of zinc oxide. But applying a moisturizer with sunscreen on your face(zinc oxide) will leave some residue that makes you skin appear whitened hence making the red marks appear much better. If you stop using it, your red marks will return to what they once was.
  2. I had similar marks for 3 years, looks fine in the morning now but when flushed during the day they get reddish still. Though it is much better than it was 3 years ago, the redness is not completely eliminated. I've had two laser treatments which accelerated my healing though. However there are guys like this who have completely eliminated the redness in a very short time. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Recovery-...42#entry2999742
  3. Cleared it but came back. I was promised my acne will never come back. The next big one is scarring. But I am cured of acne now for the most part through my own method.
  4. Cosmelan is something you might want to consider. Though it is not cheap and fast but it is very good.
    Definitely doesn't clog pores or cause breaks outs whereas when I used the SPF version it definitely did Greasy face towards the end of the day but thats my fault mainly for having severe oily skin Give it a try if you have super oily skin and scared of breakouts - I would not try the sensitive or SPF versions if you a prone to getting pores clog/breakouts
    works for what it is and is SPF15 most definitely blocked my pores and caused breakouts. However the neutrogena combination moisturer definitely did not. you will look greasy after a while would not recommend for oily skin. acne prone, easily blocked pores
  5. Does this work on red/dark marks that have been there for years?
  6. How did you get rid of the redness so effectively?
  7. I see you are aussie, same here mate. I haven't seen pictures of your scars but I would recommend a cosmelan treatment. It can completely get rid of your hyperpigmentation and smoothen out the texture of your skin. I myself tried a cosmelan treatment and 2 Mixto FX lasers for my scarring and am quite happy with it. Feel free to PM me for more details.
  8. kaiji88


    I tried it, definitely clogs pores
  9. Wow that was turning into a real horror story, glad it had a happy ending
  10. doesnt most of it go in your mouth anyways?
  11. I lost a very long time and that has significantly impacted my social life. I don't really have as many friends anymore since I just stop going out as much. Good news is my career has never looked better. I have more time to study more time to work on my own stuff and that has paid big time. Overall I think I am glad that I went through that
  12. There is obviously some other factor causing your acne. Sorry to hear. I myself have been on this green smoothie diet for one year now and I am saying with absolute certainty that I should be sticking to this for a very long time. I am a long time acne sufferer and it is finally under control.
  13. First thing you should take a better look at your diet. I am strong believer in Diet being a strong cause of recurring Acne. Everyone says their diet is good. Though some people just respond differently to having bad diets. Some people can get away with it. I would recommend possibly a colon and liver flush and from there maybe try the green smoothie diet. I suffered from acne for years and that is what helped me the most. I like the fact you wear gloves, means you are careful around skin
  14. Great, thanks for the contribution kaiji88. I'll look into the Mixto Co2 Fractional Laser & Cosmelan Treatment. I'm always worried if treatments are too harsh they could make skin worse. But, it's great to hear that you've seen significant improvement. Would you say that your scars now actually look 60% better than they did before you stated treatments? Thanks again -Mumbo Yes I had moderate scarring, box/rolling/pick on both cheeks, lots of redness. Through 6 months I did these tr
  15. Cosmelan treatment 20% improvement, improves the texture of the skin and reduces pigmentation Mixto Co2 fractional Laser Reduces depth of scars and improves skin/collagen for next 6 months. About 35% improvement. Highly recommended, moderate scarring only needs about 2 treatments. RetinA Possibly 5% over 6 months, but causes a little bit of redness over that time. Not worth it in my opinion.
  16. dont worry too much about Fraxel. Its a weakass laser.
  17. I had similar scarring on both cheeks but they are a bit worse. I had a mixto co2 laser treatment and also cosmelan treatment following that. Had a significant improvement. It takes time but it was worth the wait I suppose. I also completely phased everyone out of my life for a year or 2 as well because of my acne/scarring. And its great that you are female because guys like myself just can't wear makeup ever so it really is a bit more painful.
  18. It has been 7 months since my Mixto and I can tell that within that 7 months, your skin really keeps improving. Everyone has noticed that my scarring has been better and I would have say it has improved 40%. I am due for another mixto treatment tomorrow again and hope I will not need to have another one after this.
  19. I believe I posted 6 months saying that these smoothies having been keeping my acne under control. Well It's still working great! I usually drink the same thing though everyday - I am very busy not much of a chance to experiment. Spinage + tomato + apple + lemon juice. Tastes awesome though.
  20. any updates i_ming? Will I be able to go to full time work 5 days a week using Colonix. I dont want to have uncontrollable bowels during work.