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  1. FAQ redmarks- Q: How can I get rid of my red marks / hyper pigmentation / brown marks? A: There are several different approaches that you can take. You may have to experiment to find which works best for you. The effectiveness of these treatments varies and they may have to be used in conjunction with other treatments for best results: Prescription approach: * Generally recommended: A Retinoid (i.e. Retin-A) & Hydroquinone* Non-prescription approaches: · The tape method of ex
  2. Red marks usually fade with time. Check out the FAQ.
  3. James-I Pm'd you. Thank you for answering. Is it normal for them to look wider and not just redder/pinker? thanks for giving me back some hope
  4. I recently attempted TCA cross on one scar. It scabbed up and of course like expected it looked worse. Scab fell off today and it looks 2x as wide. My question is when the scab falls off is it supposed to look better or worse at that point? Oh man I am hitting myself in the head over this. Not to mention it's also pink.
  5. I was left with acne scarring after the pimple went away. I did pick 2 pimples or chicken pox marks when I was younger and left with two scars that are worse than the ones I did not pick. You can get scarring either way. Dr.'s do TCA peels in the office. Do a search on Obagi blue peel. It will provide information on TCA peels. I mention Obagi because I was on the products but never had the peel. Obagi will run you on the cost, because you must use the products which are expensive and
  6. I've heard of the doctor you mention only because I heard her prices for smoothbeam were relatively cheap. Many people on this board have had luck with smoothbeam treatments. I had a series of microdermabrasions w/out smoothbeam and they did not do much for my skin, but maybe the two in combo will provide good restults.
  7. I did not have much improvement from my plastic surgeon using microdermabrasion on my face.
  8. Many people have had luck with Mandelic acid (10%). It slowly fades away redmarks. I would check with your surgeon on what products its ok to put on your face. You can also try weekly lactic acid peels. There is no downtimes with either products. Both Mandelic and lactic are gradual and will not provide overnight results.
  9. I use MUAC 40% lactic acid and I wash the prep off right away. I never got burned by it, but I go burned with other things from extensive exfoliation with other products. I overdid the mandelic acid, and scrubbed the peeling skin off (i k now bad). -The next day I applied 10% glycolic acid, and it burned my skin badly, even though it was a low concentration acid. I DID NOT SCAR.
  10. Will smoothbeam also help with boxscars? Im thinking about having this done along with TCA cross. I have a rolling scar on my forehead that I managed to improve by 70-80% only because it was a "fresh" scar when I started working on it. I think smoothbeam can totally remove it, but if it only works on rolling scars I might has well only have it done on my forehead.
  11. Her face had a considerable amount of approvement in regards to acne, and redmarks, but I only noticed one or two indents. In the end she reminded me of Britney Spears. She did look awesome. I wish the program had more to do with acne scarring (ice picks, rolling etc). I noticed they use Candela laser.
  12. GL with Mandelic acid!!!! I hope it works for you. Be careful with the 15%. After one week on 10%, I decided to spot treat with 15%. I spot treated for 4days and WOW!!!!! It peeled thick thick layers of skin off-All my topicals would burn and sting. I would definitely use the 10% for atleast 4wks before using the 15%. I got too tempted with that free sample. Now my skin is used to it, but I should have waited.
  13. Yvone- I am having success with mandelic acid on most of my redmarks. I think many people at this board are. Don't worry, I think you made a wise investment with MA. Of course, don't exect an overnnight miracle, but they fade more rapidly using MA. G/L with MA, I really hope it works for you.