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  1. My back acne has been extremely stubborn for years and I've never been able to clear it up! I have had it since I was a teen and now I am in my mid 30s. I grew to accept it as just an aspect of my body. I never got depressed about it, but I knew it was unattractive, so I kept it covered and never went shirtless. But for the past 2 years I decided to get more intentional and strategic about clearing up my back. So I researched evidence-based articles from professional databases, scoured the i
  2. I've had bacne and scalp acne with eczema for years. I discovered the therapeutic results of zinc several months ago from a shampoo called zincplex. I buy the 'extra strength' because of the eczema and bumps in my scalp, but I also lather it up on my back. It works amazing. No outbreaks since. I even wash my beard with it and I have no flakes, no redness, no itching. I now buy this a gallon at a time. http://www.zincplex.com/ - rm
  3. They could very well be from shaving and ingrown hairs, but the picture is blurry. Looks like pimples (acne) to me. If you normally don't have them and this is a unique occurrence, then they will probably heal up on their own and go away. If you routinely get this from shaving, consider using a different shaving cream or oil, and use a medicated toner or lotion with benzoyl peroxide and/or salicylic acid as an after shave. -rm
  4. I use the BodyBuddy lotion applicator to apply sunscreen, treatment creams, and lotions to my back. One of the best things I've ever used; so much easier than the typical long-handled stick with a pad on the end of it. I keep one in the shower and use it for back scrubs and washes, and then I have one for applying lotions and creams. It's awesome. http://www.bodybuddy.com/
  5. Man, I am sorry you're dealing with that. Your story sounds terrible. I can imagine you're feeling like hell right about now. A few things I suggest sort of mimics the previous posters...for example, clean up your diet as best you can. Although there is weak research that diets cause acne, you will want to make sure you're eating and living healthy so to reap the health benefits of good nutrition since your body is dealing with this infection. Also, I would work extra hard at scouti
  6. I could see where your situation would leave you frustrated and confused. It's possible that you could have a chronic or persistent infection/inflammatory/autoimmune condition. Chronic conditions can have an onset at any time. Someone may be healthy one day with no allergies, and tomorrow have medical problems and allergic reactions. Also, just because something is persistent or classified as chronic (usually a condition lasting longer than 6 months to 1 year get classified as chronic), this d