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    I feel like these products have been working good for my acne, and scars. I've been using African black soap to wash morning and night. I use cetaphil moisturizer morning and night. And at night I tone with the pixi glycol acid toner, and I use the ordinary rosehip seed oil.
  2. Sorry that those people were pretty rude about it all. I recently has this happen to me a week ago. I had been breaking out so bad and wore tons of makeup to cover it.. And my co worker pointed it out callin it a cake face ! How rude! I totally get how you feel.. It's embarrassing! But hey don't sweat the small things and screw what people say. Sometimes I think people say things without thinking, and don't mean to hurt your feelings. And if makeup lifts your self confidence, like it does mine .
  3. I feel the same exact way.. Some days are better than others.. As of lately my face has cleared up a lot.. Just months before I had bad acne at least 10 on each cheek and some on my chin.. It causes some tension between my boyfriend and I, because I was so depressed about it.. I hated looking in the mirror and constantly thought I was ugly.. I know how you feel , you just long for clear skin. I find myself always looking and envying people with beautiful clear skin. I just want for one day to be
  4. Made acne 10times worse!

    I used this product about 3 or so months ago. I had high hopes, thinking you get what you pay for so this must be good. I got the trail kit and was so excited to get home and try it. After the first day of use I didn't notice much except that my skin dried out a bit.. By day 3 my skin was so dry and I had developed cystic acne all over my cheeks and chin! It was way worse than when I began! And not only that but my skin was soo dry and raw! Makeup made it look worse, I didn't want to go to work
  5. Have you been rolling in different directions as well.. Sounds like you are doing things right.. It just takes time to see results.. Mine took a little over a month until I saw results .. And every body is different, and their body's and skin reacts differently .. And an important thing is to make sure you are not rolling too much .. Which may irritate more than help.. Good luck.. Patience is the key:)
  6. I guess it just depends on the mm of the roller you get .. And how big it is, and also how severe your scars are.. I had light pitted scars and started off with the .05 mm.. I started using it once a week, and put on a vitamin E and C surem after.. It's been 2 months maybe 3 since and I have seen progress.. My scars filled in slightly .. But I also think it may have caused me to break out , because I was not completely acne free when I did so.. So be a little cautious if you have active acne ..j