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  1. I'm a male and I have never logged in to the iPledge website because I hadn't needed to until now. I have to switch doctors through iPledge in order to pick up my new prescription from my new doctor, as I recently moved back home. Unfortunately, when I used my ID number and password all the website says is "Your current program status does not allow you to log in. You may not log in at this time. Please contact the call center." I tried contacting and it's an automated voice system and it does
  2. Hey everybody- I went to my doctor and am gonna be on it for another month at 80mg a day. It was pretty disappointing for me as I've really been looking forward to being off of this drug. @JakeeeeeyXx It's not always new spots every day, I'd say definite new spots every week. The problem is that they're painful, deep, and visible. Just went through the worst breakout I've had since I started accutane on my back, which was pretty disappointing. The biggest problem is that it takes them FOREVER
  3. Hi everybody. I'm on a 5 month, 150 day course of accutane. I am 75kg, male, 19 years old. For month one I took 40 mg once a day and for months 2-5 I have taken 40 mg twice daily (80mg a day) Today is day 139 of my 150 day course and I'm nearly done. However, I am still breaking out considerably on my back and a little bit on my face. Although my face has improved immensely and my back is definitely better, this is far from where I expected to be at almost the end of my course of treatme