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  1. What are you using on your skin now? I can see a definite improve, just in one week.
  2. Aww man, do I feel for ya. We've all been there. I have had pretty bad breakouts on my chin for the past three weeks with no end in sight.....it IS THE most frustrating feeling to not know what the hell is causing it. I wish I had some advice in my back pocket to offer that would help, but I'm not a derm. Good luck and take care....keep us posted......however, don't forget you've definitely been blessed with good looks!
  3. Have you ever tried Aveeno's Clear Complexion Correction Treatment? I've used the stuff daily for about a year in conjunction with Neutrogena's Acne Mark Fading Mask (I know, people complain about it's God-awful smell, but in my case, its REALLY helped) and between the two products, it's worked wonders. I really don't have any old red marks anymore, the only marks I do have are from brand new break outs. Plus, once those breakouts heal, I use a dab of the mask on it, and within a few days tha
  4. I have to agree with everyone else, you are pretty and before you know it, your acne will be gone. I myself have never done a course of accutane, but I have known many people who have and every single person was ecstatic with their results. I know how you feel regarding your skin, I've struggled with skin issues since I was about 13 (so, that's been for the past 10 years) and finally, my skin is at a good place.....just like yours will be soon. Acne certainly doesn't change the fact you have
  5. Turbojet

    woods wheelie 0001_5.JPG

    I would recommend microdermabrasion--I swear by this procedure! I've had probably half a dozen series of 6 treatments since I was about 16 or 17 and I too had super shallow scars like you. Be sure to shop around though, however, because I've been able to find a place here in San Diego that is 1/2 the price of everyone else, and I've seen great results. Also, see if you can find diamond microdermabrasion treatments....it's more effective than the sea-salt kind I've had (in fact, I'm probably g
  6. Turbojet


    funny, funny
  7. I too have a little bit of back acne .... it really does suck during the summer months. However, I've been using Phisoderm's body wash and it appears to be helping...you might want to give it a try......?
  8. Yes, I can definitely see a difference, a significant difference actually!
  9. First of all, might you take a moment to highlight exactly where you're supposedly having these breakouts on your forehead??? If this picture is an accurate reflection of the condition of the rest of your face, feel blessed!
  10. Seriously, I understand the few bumps on your face bother you, but really, you are incredibly lucky .....you have nice skin...
  11. Wow what a difference! I'm so happy for you!
  12. Turbojet

    jul 2006

    You know, you don't have deep scars, and in fact, they're extremely shallow and I bet you would really benefit from a series of mild peels that will help the superficial scarring and the hyperpigmentation. Or, I would suggest looking into microdermabrasion..it's been a life saver for me. Over the years I've had many series of microdermabrasion and I pretty much have only two tiny, super shallow scars left that are only noticeable when you look really close. Good luck!
  13. I used to use Mederma for red marks (years ago) until it started irritating my skin. I currently use Neutrogena's acne mark fading peel (about $13/bottle...totally reasonable) and have found that if I use it a couple times a week consistently for about a month or two, I see HUGE results. I have mild acne and the red marks tend to be quite persistent, so, for a second time recently, I began using the peel on a regular basis and almost all of my red marks are gone. To help the marks fade even m
  14. WOW!! I'm really happy for you, there's a HUGE change! How bad did you peel, and for how long? I've had one mild glycolic peel and a few SUPER mild lactic acid peels, but still prefer microdermabrasion over both. Now, given your fantastic results, you've got me interested in this type of peel..........could you possibly give more details about the procedure? por favor?
  15. I've found microdermabrasion to be the best scar remover. I've struggled with mild acne for about ten years and I didn't have deep scars, but I certainly didn't have perfectly smooth skin either. So, when I was about 17 I tried microdermabrasion and usually do a series (which is 6 treatments at the spa I go to) once a year to keep my skin looking good. However, I did try a glycolic peel. The esthetician that performed the peel TOTALLY screwed up and instead of doing a 15% peel, did a 45%!!
  16. Cover Girl concealer Bare Minerals foundation/blush (I can't stand liquid makeup anymore..plus BM makes my skin soft by the end of the day and has helped my skin not dry out so bad)