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  1. Hmm...that is kind of odd...you may be right, I wonder if it stems from the infection. Have you seen a derm? (P.S. Just as a side note, my mom battled a very severe staff infection in her lower leg, and that stuff is wicked...I'm glad you're all right!)
  2. I too see a difference....a significant difference....
  3. Cool, another San Diegan. I live in La Costa.....a ways up the road, but nonetheless, still on So. Cal! I've been going to an awesome spa in Poway....it's a somewhat lengthy drive (40 min), but it's well worth it....I save at least $60-100/treatment.
  4. Hey, I would definitely look into getting on the pill; I've been on it for more than six years and it has REALLY helped my skin. Obviously, it didn't just spontanously make my skin clear, but it definitely helped keep things from getting out of hand. Once your hormones are regulated, the right topicals might take care of what the pill doesn't. As a side note, I wasn't one to break out a lot around the time I was expecting my period, I was broken out all the time. So, I was a bit skeptical wh
  5. Have you tried purpose moisturizer?
  6. Turbojet

    Penn State Fall

    I agree with everyone else, you're gorgeous. Acne definitely affects self-esteem and other aspects of life, but one thing it can't detract from, is perfect features! Good luck, and trust me, we've all been there. I can't tell you for how many years my skin problems affected my social life when I was younger, but now that it's under control, it's very freeing. I'm sure you'll figure out the best way to treat your skin......what does your current skin care regimine consist of? Have you seen a
  7. Turbojet

    Day 4 - 12/26/06

    Do you use any topicals?
  8. Turbojet


    What are boxcar scars? Also, have you tried microdermabrasion? .... it might be a good way to treat your scars as they're not deep....I swear by it....
  9. Mitsey: Why did your doc put you on bc AND antibiotics? Antibiotics inhibit the bc's ability to work properly...it's especially critical if you're on it to prevent pregnancy...but if you were put on the pill hoping the hormones would help your acne, then wouldn't the antibiotic/bc combo be futile?
  10. Two words--screw 'em. Let them act like little $hits......if they don't have anything else better to do than make fun of your skin and try turn your coworkers against you, they've got some SERIOUS issues. I've had people make some rather.......umm....rude remarks about my skin too. I didn't let their comments eat at me, I just accepted the fact that they lacked a filter on their mouth and actually made themselves look like fools. However, it is hard to not take it personally because when som
  11. Well, the fun part about mdb is, I suppose depending upon the degree of scarring, you can usually see a visible difference--I was so happy after my visit last week. This one damn scar that's been there for about six months is almost gone now, after only one treatment. Plus, there's no down time. Results + no down down time = one hell of a treatment. I would suggest at least looking into diamond mdb if you're interested...and don't get discouraged right away if you call around and people want
  12. Hmm.....how to describe my scars. Well, first, they're not deep. However, just because I do not have deep scars does not mean that they go unnoticed. I would say it looks like someone chipped at my skin a little....a lot of them are from pulling little scabs off way too early. When I was younger, I got the brilliant idea to pull the scab off break outs that I thought were healed. Ok, so the scabs were gone, but then I was left with a scar because the skin had not fully healed. Clearly, thi
  13. I have never heard of it before, but I have had crystal clear microdermabrasion and their symbol is a diamond. Could it be this? I don't know....it's possible. When you say you had "crystal clear" microdermabrasion, do you mean that it was free from crystals or is that what the spa called the facial (some spas I've been to have some really hokey names for certain procedures)? If you don't remember any crystals being sprayed all over your face (and, in my case, I always seemed to get them
  14. I had the same type of reaction when I ran out of my Panoxyl BP, aqeous based acne cream and used some stuff from Kaiser that was the same % BP and aqueous based--however, the difference was the stuff from Kaiser had little granules in it. The granules were enough to send my skin into a tail spin....
  15. Yes, I used some of them and it made my skin ten times worse!! The stuff I used contained SA as opposed to BP--my skin does not respond to SA whatsoever, so it was just an awful experiment.......
  16. Yeah, I was on tetracyclin for several years until my dr decided it wasn't healthy to take antibiotics daily. It didn't even take a full week for my skin to break out, it was only a matter of a couple of days. My solution? BC pill--it' been great thus far!
  17. I recently had my first of three diamond microdermabrasions treatments, and, so far, I'm amazed at how much more abrasive it is than the crystal dermabrasion! The diamond differs from standard microdermabrasion in that it's crystal free--the aesthetician can control the level of abrasion by choosing different wands. These wands have diamonds on the end of them and they are rubbed across your skin. The wands also suck up the dead skin cells that are being exfoliated (it looks gross--my aesthet
  18. Turbojet


    I've never heard of IBs with birth control pills, but, anyway, I've been on Loestrin 1/20 Fe for almost 6 years and it's really helped with my skin. I initially tried Ortho Tri Cyclin, and this was obviously pre-OTC-low, so it make me terribly sick and did nothing for my skin. Anyway, I've found being on a low dose bcp has helped tremendously, however, I have found that I most definitely need to take it at the EXACT same time each day not only for contraceptive purposes, but also to keep my sk
  19. It's true, a good brush can make all the difference, I found that out the hard way several years ago. Anyway, I'm glad you like mineral makeup--I've sworn by Bare Escentuals for the past 6 years and once you go mineral, there's no going back. Anyway, the stuff you use, Physician's Forumla, does it contain talc like transluscent powder? I read that was one thing to be sure to avoid when trying out new mineral makeups, make sure they're 100% talc free.
  20. I don't see anything other than perfect skin....maybe I'm blind, but......
  21. Turbojet


    Big improvement already! Good for you!
  22. Hang in there...I'm sure it's frustrating..I don't doubt that. I know many people who have chosen the accutane route and they have all been extremely pleased with the results. I must tell you about this guy I went to high school with--he was 2 years younger than me, but he was in my AP chem class (he was SUPER intelligent) and he had THE worst acne I've ever seen. Yours pales in comparison (I'm not trying to minimize how you feel or anything, I'm just stating a fact about the condition of his
  23. Just out of curiosity, what's the story with your skin? Did you use some kind of product that caused your skin to freak out, or was it stress....??? I know several people, who, in their quest for perfect skin (these people had skin as close to perfect as one could get), messed around with a myriad of products in an attempt to unclog their two clogged pores on their face, and they had a reaction to the products. Ever since then, they've had problems with breakouts. In fact, one of my friends,
  24. Cool, I'm glad your breakouts are fading much faster. In regard to cost, I'm just wondering, is Accutane covered if you have insurance? I have insurance through Kaiser and even though we have prescription coverage, there are certain drugs/ointments that are not covered. My mom was very sick this past year and this one tube of ointment she needed (it was 1 oz.) to help some of her wounds heal from surgery, was $120!! This TegaGel stuff was actually used for burn victims, but can be used for w