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  1. You look really pretty!
  2. Turbojet

    Me Now Again

    Why'd you stop taking the pill (that is, if you don't mind me asking)?
  3. Turbojet

    December 06

    I went to Galveston back in '00 when visiting a family friend in Houston....it's a cool place. I like all the sea walls they put up...looks neat.
  4. Turbojet

    Day 41

    Wow, your skin has come a long way, already.....I'm very happy for you. BTW, I never knew docs would prescribe the pill for guys......that's very surprising.
  5. Cool, I'm glad it has worked for you! Hey, just out of curiosity, what kind of back pain is it? I've never taken accutane, however, I've known several other people who have, and none of them said a thing about back pain....is it like crampy back pain, or the kind of pain similar to when you wake up with a sore back from sleeping in an awkward position?
  6. Turbojet


    Wow, I'm stoked for you.......there is obviously a difference, a significant difference. I can't wait to see your updates over the next month!
  7. Is it possible for the bp to suddenly stop working? I'm wondering if that's maybe the culprit for my recent, severe breakouts...unlike anything I've ever had since I started breaking out as a teen.
  8. The aloe doesn't clog your pores? It sounds like it would be a great skin soother, but I'm too afraid I'd break out from the aloe.......
  9. Ok, thanks for your input, I appreciate it!
  10. Ok, please tell me if this makes sense. I've struggled with mild-moderate acne since about age 12. Over the past few years my skin has calmed down dramatically (I'm 23...it should by now) however, ever since December of last year, I've been breaking out really bad....and I mean bad. I've never had more than one large blemish at a time....I'll have others, but not HUGE ones. Anyway, so, what I'm thinking is, is I just recently moved and around the time my breakouts began, my roommates began u
  11. Mineral make up. I use Bare Escentuals and I love it....I've been a loyal user of this line of foundation for the past five years......I'd recommend it to anyone, regardless of their skin situation.
  12. No, I've never tried any of those bc's. I've been on Loestrin 1/20 Fe for the past six years and I swear by the stuff; you get great the protection you need while not running into any adverse side effects. As I posted in another thread, I tried Orthotricyclen which made me super sick......I'm not sure of the exact hormones in Loestrin (the generic brand is microgestin) or their ratios...but it may be an option. Good luck.
  13. I tried it several years ago (before than the Lo version) and it made me very ill. I could not stop vomiting; I had to be rushed to the doctor's to get several injections (in my ass no less.....NOT FUN) to stop me from getting sick. This occurred after taking otc for two days. I will not touch even the lower dosage version...
  14. Turbojet


    Hey, you know, I'm sure the fact you have a few breakouts around your neck area bothers you a bit, but hey, your face is crystal clear.....be thankful for that! Anyway, I had a hell of time with blemishes in teh same area a while back and realized that when at school and work, I would sit with my hand holding my head at the desk......I also used to sleep with my arms toward my body and my hands, again in the same area, under my chin/on my neck. I made a conscious effort to avoid doing this and
  15. Turbojet

    this is me yesterday

    Have you tried Purpose moisturizer? It's non-greasy....I've used the stuff for almost ten years now....it's also very affordable (about $10-$12 per bottle (depending upon where you purchase it))....
  16. Turbojet

    scar pics on phone cam

    Hey, your scars really aren't bad...at all....you have so many options for scar removal these days, from microdermabrasion to a myriad of chemical peels. I bet if you did a combo of chemical peels with microdermabrasion, your scars would be significantly reduced if not eliminated...... Anyway, good luck, I'm happy for you that breakouts are no longer an issue
  17. Turbojet

    Over 1 year

    Geez, your progress is simply incredible; I've never seen any other person's skin clear up the way yours has.......I'm really happy for you. As for the breakout on your chin.... I HATE those! I had two of those a few weeks ago and despite the fact they weren't hardly raised at all, every time I smiled or talked, it hurt. Grrr. But, I've learned to be good and just put bp on those and they usually go away within a few days....usually.....
  18. No, accutane does not help with scarring, it helps get rid of breakouts. As for the scarring, there is a myriad of treatments out there......
  19. Hey, I can see a substantial improvement already. Good luck with the rest of your accutane course....as far as the hyperpigmentation, I wouldn't obssess about it right now, you can always address that later. Once you're cleard up, try some chemical peels and other skin lighteners.....you have many options as far as ridding your face of the red marks....
  20. Umm...where's this "huge thing"? I don't see anything but a small bump......?
  21. What a marked difference, I'm really happy for you...and it's only going to get better....
  22. Yeah, I agree, it might be a good idea to have those spots looked at.....have you ever neosporin on them? Neosporin is great for larger blemishes, IMO; it moisturizes, heals and kills bacteria.
  23. Microdermabrasion or chemical peels might help reduce the appearance of the scar....