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  1. I've used it several times too since I was 17.....same thing, it worked WONDERS for my skin the first go-around. The second time....nothing. Now? I've been using it since December....twice/day with 5-10% bp to be used for spot treatment. I also was recently prescribed clindamycin lotion and retin-a micro. I use the clindamycin periodically (I'm afraid of developing a resistance to it) and primarily the Proactiv. I think the reason Proactiv is working better for me this time around is becau
  2. Good for you...in regard to the redmarks....have you ever tried Neutrogena's acne mark fading mask? I've used it ever since it first came out and it's worked wonders.....however, I would caution you to be careful not to over use.....I found out the hard way. I was spot treating every night with the mask and by God, my whole face flaked off! I use it only two or three times per week and it really does help fade the hyperpigmentation fast and you also get the added benefit of it containing
  3. Turbojet

    Day 70

    Still...what a dramatic improvement! As far as your scars go, you have a MYRIAD of options.....if you're super worried about them....maybe you can start researching different procedures now and when you're done with your accutane course, you can start addressing that concern. Good luck!
  4. Turbojet

    Me today

    I second that! BTW, I also like your hair!
  5. Hey, your skin looks great! I'm really happy for you.......
  6. Ok, thanks. I haven't started the retin-a micro yet....I'm actually afraid to....I don't want to look beet red (like last time) and I don't want my skin to get worse......however, I know I need to give it a shot (my derm wanted me to use it mainly around my hair line because I have a lot of little, itty bitty clogged pores from my shampoo and conditioner (which, BTW, neither can contain any type of oil......she wants me to switch to some really drying hair products......that's not going to happ
  7. In regard to the antibiotics.....the woman I saw the other day for my skin wanted to put me back on tetracycline...which I took from the time I was about 17 until 20/21.....I'm almost 24 now and I told her "no way." My reason for refusing was precisely what you said--once you stop, it all comes back. She got offended, but I don't care. Is it me or are derms REALLY hyper-senstive when it comes to patients being completely honest about how they feel about taking certain meds/using certain topic
  8. For those who have used REtin-A....did your skin get worse before it got better?
  9. Ok, so you all have seen improvement with retin-a? I saw an RN today in the Derm. dept. and she prescribed retin-A micro, clindamycin (lotion) and tetracycline. I'm scared to death to try retin-a because I used Evita about five years ago and it not only fried my face (I was literally as red as a tomato), it also made my face absolutely explode. I stopped it and resumed my usual regemine with Benzamycin, and my skin calmed down. However, this nurse INSISTED that retin-a micro is much more gen
  10. Hey, I can see a definite improvement! As for the redmarks, I still swear by Neutrogena's acne mark fading mask (I use every other night and only put it on the remarks....it makes the product last a LOT longer) and Aveeno's stuf for fading remarks (I use it every day under my make up).......just a thought....good luck!
  11. Turbojet


    Smile in your next photo, por favor
  12. Wow, ok, you answered my questions, thanks. As far as the "purging" effect...hey, I tried Murad several years ago and that's just what happened--I went from having a few active spots on my face to a million .... within a few days of starting to use their products. Murad, whether it was in the actual pamphlet or during their infomercial b.s., say that one's acne will get worse before it gets better. They talk about drawing out "impurities" than can lead to acne.....what did I do when this happ
  13. Turbojet


    Cool, which vitamins and where you did you buy them?
  14. WHOA! You look gorgeous! I'm so happy for you!
  15. Hey, I bet a combo of strong chemical peels and microdermabrasion could really help...it's worth looking into a least. Good luck.
  16. Turbojet

    Day 55

    Oh wow! What an improvement! Woo hoo for you
  17. What do you mean when you say the first three months were hell? I assume you're referring to a phase where your skin gets worse before it gets better...? Also, are the ingredients different in Dan's gel as opposed to an aqueous-based 5% bp gel?
  18. Hey, considering my recent skin problems (starting in December when I moved), I've been considering trying this.....I'm fed up. I have a derm appointment on 2-12 and I'm not really holding my breath, I'm considering requesting Benzamycin again.....PLEASE tell me that this isn't a situation where your skin gets worse before it gets better....if I do try the DKR and my skin gets worse....no way am I going to continue.
  19. Turbojet

    summer 2006 in Cornwall

    Nice picture...where are you guys? As far as your acne...what acne? I don't see a single spot in your other picture either (lucky!)!
  20. Turbojet


    That's a cool pic....looks like a funky little restaurant too
  21. Turbojet


    Hey Marino...why not keep your mouth shut if all you're going to do is insult people? You recently made of another girl's hair in a rather nasty post.....why not just "shut it"? Her hair is pretty.....lets see some photos of you.....we could probably find something to poke fun at you about...oh wait, no one else wants to stoop to your level.
  22. Good luck with the Proactiv--I still use the stuff every-other-night. Proactiv also dried my face out as well, so that's why I only use it at night (using it twice/day nearly made my whole face flake off), however, I use lots of Purpose moisturizer when I apply it at night, and so far I haven't had any issues with my skin being dried out. Anyway, I see a definite improvement in your skin....I'm happy for you. If' it's any consolation, I went from having super mild acne for the past few years