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  1. This is exactly why I'm scared to start any new regimen...even the DKR.....I want to finally find something that clears my skin 100% (like everyone else), but I'm so afraid of having it get worse before it gets better....................
  2. Wow, I've never heard of people using the baby wash on their face....especially when they have acne. Now you've got me interested....I use cetaphil though, and it's SUPER mild.....I wonder if the bit of fragrance in the j&j would be enough to irrirate my skin (as it's HIGHLY sensitive to most anything)..............hmmmm
  3. Turbojet


    OMG! What kind of dog is that? IT'S HUUUUUGE!?
  4. Cool! Your skin looks fabulous!
  5. Well look at you! Your skin looks gorgeous...I'm really happy for you, and I too will keep my fingers crossed that this single course of accutane will do the trick for you. Hope you feel better!
  6. Yeah, you know, your skin reminds me of mine and the marks I have on my face. I've actually had good luck with the two products, I would just advise you to take it easy with both of them, because, like most other acne meds, if they're used too often, it can wreak havoc on your skin and cause flakes (which, as you probably know, SUCKS because one's make up doesn't go on as nice). So, yeah, hell, I'd give it a try if I were you. Oh, and beware, the neutrogena mask smells like ass, so keep it aw
  7. Ouch. I would look into possibly having it injected with cortisone......or maybe there's something else less drastic a doctor could recommend.....at least it's not super red..... I HATE when that happens....I once had one on my chin that grew and grew and kept getting more and more red.....it was awful.
  8. I don't get cysts, but going from my experience with less minor break outs, it's probably just inflammation. Bumps don't go down right after you pop 'em.....at least don't for me.....I would just kill the germs with bp or green tea extract (it's drying, so be careful).
  9. Seriously, have you given the Aveeno acne mark fading lotion a try, or neutrogena's acne mark fading mask? Holy crap. Between those two products, they've almost eliminated all of my red marks. If you attack the redness right away, they fade much faster. I've been spot treating with the acne mark fade mask on breakouts that have healed over, and it's helped a lot. I just have to be careful not to over-use it as it can be drying. If you give up on the product you're using now, why not give s
  10. Hey, I really hope you're able to get to the bottom of this. Like another member said, don't give up. I don't doubt it's tough ...and very painful, but there is something out there to do the trick.
  11. I found an article about the U. kentucky did a trial with laser therpy a few years ago, well I found it last night, I am calling today to find out more about their program. I am heading back to the doctor to get some atibotics that might help. I had one starting when i went to the dentist for an ifected wisdom tooth and what he gave me helped the cyst. When ever I metion anything new to my doctor they just act like they know more and insit that i just have to deal with it. I have asked about ho
  12. Sorry, maybe it's me, but that sounded a bit like an advertisement in the form of a post....
  13. Personally? I'd go for it. Either you choose not to do a second round and your skin might not look the way you want it to for your wedding and honeymoon...or you decide to put up with it's awful side effects so your skin looks great. Tough choice, but if it were me, I'd go for it.
  14. Owie! What assholes those derms were if they just threw their hands up and basically said you're SOL. There has to be something out there to help you. Obviously your drug allergies complicate the matter, but have you gone to a regular MD to address this--(now, bear in mind, I mean this in the NICEST way) but this isn't normal. I wonder if you have some kind of hormone imbalance or something else going on. Our body chemistry is so touchy, who knows, something could have been thrown off track
  15. Turbojet

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    Oh, poor thing. Yes, I would definitely look into seeing a derm to have that injected so it will go away faster. Have you thought about accutane?
  16. I hear ya...I too hate using so many products, but you gotta do what ya gotta do.....once you get to the point where you'll be happy with your skin, you can make adjustments. Hmm...as for the vit. K....I've never seen that. I use Aveeno's antiblemish/redmark cream and Neutrogena's acne mark fading mask....both have seemed to work well for me, however, I think the Aveeno isn't quite as a effective as it was when I first started to use it........
  17. Ok, this is what I don't understand. I've known people personally and have also seen others here on the board, who, IMO, do NOT have severe acne at all, and they have no problem obtaining accutane. However, I've known a few others who really did need it, they had cystic acne and they had tried every other remedy under the sun. They couldn't get a prescription if their life depended on it. My mom's former doctor said he "wouldn't even give accutane to his dog." So, it depends upon the doc's
  18. Awww man, I feel bad for ya. Those kind of bumps hurt. I got one....my doctor told me between shaving down there and certain articles of clothing that rubbed, is a recipe for disaster. Just be careful, and for crying out loud, I hope you sterilze whatever tools you use to drain blemishes.....you could very easily get a staph infection if you don't!
  19. I don't really see any active acne...so that's definitely a good thing. If you're finding your skin is improving with your current regimen, keep it up....as far as the scars, they're not bad either. Once the redness fades, you can get microdermabrasion and light peels...and voila! Your skin will look great! Good luck!
  20. I don't use the regimen, but once I find something that works, I keep it up!
  21. Your skin looks really good, actually. One little bump isn't going to hairlip the governor.