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  1. What a shitty post. What a waste of time it was to read it......that's sad if you think washing your face and applying moisturizer and one cream 2x/day is that tough, you're going to have a really hard time with life in general. Jesus. What a whiner. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, but calling the DKR "crap" is rotten...especially when you know how many people it's helped.
  2. LOL, they didn't even tell you? Well, that's the San Diego Union Tribune for ya....anyway, I thought it was very cool.
  3. I was prescribed retin-a micro and have yet to open it....I'm scared to use it.
  4. I just turned 24...and this shit has been haunting me since I was 12
  5. Right on...I like your shirt
  6. Nice, you're 100% clear....I'm very happy for you!
  7. Where would I find panoxyl in 2.5%? I love the stuff because it's aqueous based, however, I can only find 10% bp around here......I've used the 2.5% bp Neutrogena on the Spot but that stuff left me beet red wherever I put it (isn't it alcohol based)?
  8. The detergent you're using......I wonder if that could be causing the irritation.....
  9. You know, I didn't realize it until years later, but a friend of mine who used to always rub it in my face that she had clear skin all through junior high and high school.....it was only because she was on the pill! She was prescribed it because she a lot of problems with her period and started on it at 13......talk about an unfair advantage! When you're 13 and your hormones are going crazy, anything to settle them down will help tremendously!
  10. Sounds gross...but do you drool at night? Is your pillow case dirty? Do you ever find yourself waking up with hands resting on your face? I started to get terrible break outs under my chin/party on my neck....I finally figured out it was because I was sleeping with my hands resting on the area under my chin...the oils and whatever else is on my hands, was causing my issues in that area......??
  11. OK, so an article was written in the San Diego Union Tribune (an article in which Dan was mentioned...as well as this site, of course) and within the article it mentions that product such as Proactiv eventually stop working....why??? I used proactiv when I was 17 until I was about 18 or 19 and it did stop working...then I tried various other products, and now I'm back to using proactiv (in conjunction with using clindamycin every other day in the morning or night (never both)) and it appears to
  12. Don't you hate that? It happens to me too....grr...
  13. i dont use any products on my hair and usually wash it once a day. i try to change my pillow cases about every month.
  14. My mom saved the article recently featured in our San Diego Union Tribune (Health section)....very cool. I think it's absolutley wonderful what you've done to help so many people......... Take care ~
  15. Ouch...that one by your nose looks like it hurts....I don't know how you can stand to not pick at it, I would go nuts if I didn't! Anyway, it's wonderful you're not a picker...you're going to not only save your face from scars, but you're going to save yourself a hell of a lot of $ by having a hands off policy. Anyway, I would go to a derm if I were you and maybe look into accutane or antibiotics......
  16. Just out of curiosity, how old are you? You look like you're 13 (that's not meant to be a bad thing, either)...
  17. It's all natural make up....made from minerals. It goes on like powder make up, but covers like liquid. I've used the stuff for five years now and I'll never go back to liquid...the stuff is amazing! It minimizes poor, absorbs shine and makes your skin look flawless.....it's only a win-win situation. I'd suggest Bare Escentuals (I'm a loyal fan of their mineral make up)....
  18. Yeah, I thought you got some sun on your face...that it wasn't the result of irritation from bp. Anyway, you're a cutie!
  19. Turbojet


    You are pretty...SMILE though!
  20. Your skin's not bad AT all.....but, smile next time.
  21. Turbojet

    Padres new stadium

    Woo hoo! I live in San Diego too...too bad Trevor Hoffman sucks!
  22. Turbojet


    Oh shut up, it is not. Are you able to wash your whole back? I use this body puff thing that's on a long stick...I can get my whole back with no problem. Then, after showers, I use stridex pads.....between the two my back is nearly clear. Just a thought.....hope you find somethin' that helps!
  23. Your skin looks perfect! I too love mineral make up...the stuff in a life saver!