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  1. Ok, I just had to ask....I've been SOOOOO tempted to purchase either the Zeno acne device or Therma Clear.....I'm leaning toward Therma Clear as it's FDA approved (I'm not sure about Zeno) and it takes only two seconds and supposedly helps heal blemishes 4x faster......

    Has anyone tried either of these products? Before I cough up between $150-$200, I want to see if anyone has had a good/bad experience with either Zeno or Therma Clear.......


  2. I've been there....for about ten years I tried product after product, prescription after prescription.....and I've finally decided that, after a second go-around, that Proactiv has done the trick for me......have you ever considered trying it? I know several of my friends who started using it after they found out I had used it, and they cleared up in about a month or two.......

    Good luck!

  3. Ok, so....either Biore or C&C makes those little clear, patch-like thingamajoggers that you place over blemishes....which contain SA. Is there a product out there, that I'm possibly unaware of, that makes the same kind of product, except with BP? I have a few break outs on my back and I was thinking the other night how nice it would be to not have to put a blob of PB on the problem areas and cover them with band aids (or let them dry) before putting my shirt back on.

    Just wondering.......

  4. I stopped using the aqueous based bp for several months, and when I tried to reintroduce into my regimen, my skin freaked out (I do have pretty sensitive skin though). My face got really dried out, no matter how much moisturizer I used and it was very irritated....I then started using it only every other day and only at night, and then reached the point where I could use it every day and haven't had a problem with either redness or dryness since. I think a lot it depends upon your skin sensitivity......................I would be interested too to see if there's any real proof that your skin has to get used to bp.........good thread topic.

  5. What a shitty post. What a waste of time it was to read it......that's sad if you think washing your face and applying moisturizer and one cream 2x/day is that tough, you're going to have a really hard time with life in general. Jesus. What a whiner. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, but calling the DKR "crap" is rotten...especially when you know how many people it's helped.

  6. You know, I didn't realize it until years later, but a friend of mine who used to always rub it in my face that she had clear skin all through junior high and high school.....it was only because she was on the pill! She was prescribed it because she a lot of problems with her period and started on it at 13......talk about an unfair advantage! When you're 13 and your hormones are going crazy, anything to settle them down will help tremendously!

  7. Sounds gross...but do you drool at night? Is your pillow case dirty? Do you ever find yourself waking up with hands resting on your face? I started to get terrible break outs under my chin/party on my neck....I finally figured out it was because I was sleeping with my hands resting on the area under my chin...the oils and whatever else is on my hands, was causing my issues in that area......??

  8. OK, so an article was written in the San Diego Union Tribune (an article in which Dan was mentioned...as well as this site, of course) and within the article it mentions that product such as Proactiv eventually stop working....why??? I used proactiv when I was 17 until I was about 18 or 19 and it did stop working...then I tried various other products, and now I'm back to using proactiv (in conjunction with using clindamycin every other day in the morning or night (never both)) and it appears to be helping. Anyway, I know MANY people here are not fans of the skin care line, however, does anyone know why the stuff stops working? It contains bp......???

    Just curious...

  9. Ouch...that one by your nose looks like it hurts....I don't know how you can stand to not pick at it, I would go nuts if I didn't! Anyway, it's wonderful you're not a picker...you're going to not only save your face from scars, but you're going to save yourself a hell of a lot of $ by having a hands off policy.

    Anyway, I would go to a derm if I were you and maybe look into accutane or antibiotics......

  10. Wow, I've never heard of people using the baby wash on their face....especially when they have acne. Now you've got me interested....I use cetaphil though, and it's SUPER mild.....I wonder if the bit of fragrance in the j&j would be enough to irrirate my skin (as it's HIGHLY sensitive to most anything)..............hmmmm

  11. Ouch. I would look into possibly having it injected with cortisone......or maybe there's something else less drastic a doctor could recommend.....at least it's not super red..... I HATE when that happens....I once had one on my chin that grew and grew and kept getting more and more red.....it was awful.

  12. I don't get cysts, but going from my experience with less minor break outs, it's probably just inflammation. Bumps don't go down right after you pop 'em.....at least don't for me.....I would just kill the germs with bp or green tea extract (it's drying, so be careful).

  13. I live in north county San Diego and I've called 5 dermatologists so far, and none of them will do same-day cortisone shots. All of them said there was a waiting period of a week or so. What is the point of the shot if I have to wait a week? By that time the cyst is almost gone, and the shot is pointless. I really need to find a dermatologist that can do them on the same day, because I get these things all the time and it's very depressing. Does anyone have a recommendation?