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  1. "Why bit you all over your face?" (I'm serious, someone actually said that)..... Even though my skin is pretty much clear, I used to get "aww..you poor thing" when I was younger....
  2. Ok, I just had to ask....I've been SOOOOO tempted to purchase either the Zeno acne device or Therma Clear.....I'm leaning toward Therma Clear as it's FDA approved (I'm not sure about Zeno) and it takes only two seconds and supposedly helps heal blemishes 4x faster...... Has anyone tried either of these products? Before I cough up between $150-$200, I want to see if anyone has had a good/bad experience with either Zeno or Therma Clear....... Thanks!!
  3. Purpose...all the way....I've used the stuff for a good 10, 12 years and I swear by the stuff...it's noncomedogenic, hypoallergenic and frangrance free...oh, your skin also absorbs it really quickly without ending up looking like a grease ball......
  4. Turbojet

    right side

    Hey, you might benefit from microdermabrasion (I've had it done regularly for the past 8 years) ...your scarring isn't bad at all, but the treatment will help smooth your skin out, minus the downtime associated with more radical treatments. As for the white areas, I'm not sure what can be done about that......maybe some kind of laser treatment? Good luck~
  5. Turbojet


    Oh wow, your skin looks great -- how many treatments have you had?
  6. I've been there....for about ten years I tried product after product, prescription after prescription.....and I've finally decided that, after a second go-around, that Proactiv has done the trick for me......have you ever considered trying it? I know several of my friends who started using it after they found out I had used it, and they cleared up in about a month or two....... Good luck!
  7. Turbojet

    close up

    Hmm...I'm not sure which treatment is best for those kinds of scars, but have you ever considered trying Panoxyl's 10% bp body wash to treat current break outs? I've used the stuff for the past week and a half and have seen a HUGE improvement.... Just a thought.... Good luck!
  8. Turbojet


    Ever thought of doing a series of chemical peels? That might be one option you may consider.....microdermabrasion.......?? Good luck!
  9. HEY! I just bought some Panoxyl foaming body wash about 10 days ago....I had several, rather bad, breakouts on my back and it took care of them......it has 10%bp --- if you try it, just be careful to make sure it's all washed off before using your towel. Good luck!
  10. Ok, so....either Biore or C&C makes those little clear, patch-like thingamajoggers that you place over blemishes....which contain SA. Is there a product out there, that I'm possibly unaware of, that makes the same kind of product, except with BP? I have a few break outs on my back and I was thinking the other night how nice it would be to not have to put a blob of PB on the problem areas and cover them with band aids (or let them dry) before putting my shirt back on. Just wondering......
  11. Good luck, I'm sure it will clear you right up!
  12. Turbojet

    DAY 2

    Ouch! I would suggest seeing a derm to possibly get a cortisone shot. Anyway, I think you're smart in not messing with it.....if it were to get infected, that would suck!
  13. I stopped using the aqueous based bp for several months, and when I tried to reintroduce into my regimen, my skin freaked out (I do have pretty sensitive skin though). My face got really dried out, no matter how much moisturizer I used and it was very irritated....I then started using it only every other day and only at night, and then reached the point where I could use it every day and haven't had a problem with either redness or dryness since. I think a lot it depends upon your skin sensit
  14. Turbojet


    I think I looked into the same moisturizer, but opted to stay with the usual Purpose...is your aveeno moisturizer fragrance free and hypoallergenic? I can't remember if that's the reason why I chose not to buy that recently...........
  15. I'm sure accutane will work for ya......good luck!
  16. Turbojet

    scars 1.JPG

    Well that's a load of shit. Do you know who Mackenzie Phillips is? She had scarring similar to yours and she now doesn't have any...she's had probably a combo of treatments, and granted, she is a "celebrity" and probably has more money than any of us, but, the point is, it can be done. Gosh, that pisses me off your dr. said there's nothing you can do. I don't know what it is about derms, but not only are a lot of them against really listening to their patients and their concerns, but their r
  17. Turbojet


    Hey, I have a few tips (you may already know them....): 1) Change your pillow case every night (I've done it for years and it's definitely helped my skin stay under control...if you don't lay on the pillow case night after night when there's a build up of crap from your skin and hair...it can only help you acne)... 2) Be careful about the fabric softener you use. I had TERRIBLE breakouts for 3 months...and I finally pinpointed the cause--I changed fabric softener sheets...and the new kin
  18. Turbojet

    week 23

    RIGHT ON! YOur skin looks fabulous! I'm really happy for you.....
  19. Turbojet

    After surgery

    Why do you say it looks infected? It would be all pussy and REALLY nasty looking if it were......?? Anyway, man, that looks like it hurts...but I'm glad you're all right.....that would be awfully traumatizing to get nailed by a car! Take care......looks like you're healing up nicely!
  20. Turbojet


    Clindamycin SUCKS!
  21. Turbojet


    Hang in there......good luck in getting accutane...it will work wonders on your skin!
  22. I'm sorry you're going through this.....like everyone else said, you're pretty and thankfully you don't appear to have cystic acne, therefore the odds of you being scarred after your tane course decrease....dramatically. It is weird though, that all of this happened in such a short period of time........did you switch to any funky hair/skin products 4 months ago? Did you change your laundry detergent.....fabric softener? I'm sure accutane will take care of everything for ya.....however, can I
  23. Turbojet


    Have you ever been told you resemble Cameron Crowe?
  24. Turbojet


    You have only a few small bumps...nothing that a dab of concealer can't hide.....