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  1. Accutane is most often considered a "last resort" treatment, because of how powerful and its potential adverse effects. However, from what you shared in your post, it seems like you're at that stage and that's completely okay! Your skin is perhaps not your most complex organ, but it sure is the most volatile and unique to each and every one of us. Like you, I tried tones of things too and none of them worked. Accutane cleared everything up in no time and has made my skin a billion times better.
  2. There's is absolutely no correlation with isotretinoin and alcohol. The chemical properties of the drug are completely independent and will not increase or decrease its effectiveness, not will it contribute to any adverse effects on your body associated with accutane. However, this treatment does target a psychological component in the brain that can initiate and amplify anger and unhappiness. That combined with potential of alcohol can be dangerous. Just make sure to be responsible whilst havin
  3. Yes you could be absolutely right. My system was already accustom to isotretinoin hence perhaps it adapted quicker when starting the second course. However, I have a friend who weighs more than more and whose acne was much, much worse and he started for the first time on 15mg/day and it was just as effective without any side effects. In my opinion, the effectiveness of over-the-counter products has nothing to do with whether or not one has been on accutane. The effectiveness of such items d
  4. From what I've seen and what my german dermatologist told me, less than 15mg/day is not that effective. However, it all depends on the person and how responsive your body is to the treatment. Apparently there are two different schools of thought: 1. The first one takes the initial dosage by: (Your body mass in kg)/(2000). This dosage (in kg/day) is then sustained for 240 days --> roughly 8 months. At the end, the total amount of isotretinoin absorbed by your body will be: 240*[(Your
  5. I started accutane when I was 18 at 35mg/day, weighing 65kg. My acne was really not that bad at all (sometimes i wonder why i even started it). My side effects were not very nice, but I learned how to manage them and pushed through for 9 months. My skin was incredibly smooth and soft. After 5 months, I started to have a odd small pimple every other week or so. Being slightly obsessive I went to see my new dermatologist since I moved from Switzerland to Holland. She suggested another course of ac
  6. Hey sld235 Going on accutane at the age of 14 at 40mg/day is not recommended from what I've heard. I'm not at all surprised that you couldn't handle it. The side effects of this treatment are not nice and vary from person to person. To give you an example. I started accutane for the first time at the age of 18 at 30mg/day for 9 months in Switzerland. The side-effects were annoying and somewhat disconcerting, but I learned how to deal with them. After those 9 months, I literally had baby skin
  7. Dear all In May 2013, I started an accutane treatments that lasted 9 months, ending in January 2014. Within 2 months, my oily skin returned and breakouts resurfaced. Granted my skin is better, but not as good as I wanted it to be. During this period I moved from Switzerland to the Netherlands and changed dermatologist. She suggested a second accutane treatment, which started at the beginning of June 2014 (about 20 days ago). However, this time, the treatment is a different dosage: lower than