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  1. Sorry it took me so long to post a message, been kinda buisy. Well here it is.......My excisions look pretty good. They are like lines. It was hard to tell at first due to the reddness around the areas, which is still kind of there, but seems to fade as the days go by. Also, it seems the excisions on my cheeks made my other scars less visible, I dont know if it was because it pulled the skin slightly tighter. Kind of weird. Well, the good news is............. I went the the doctor Monday so
  2. Well so far the majority of my scars treated look pretty good, one or two did not. The wierd thing is I broke out in this rash on my forhead and by my nose about two days ago, it was kind of like acne but not quite, I am not quite sure what caused it. I did eat a few different things, but then again my whole skin care routine got screwed up d/t the excision. The excised areas have alot of dry dead skin on/surrounding them. This is kind of annoying. Well, anyhow, I was told that you wont kno
  3. no none on my nose, but I wanted to untill the doc said that they have a greater chance of opening
  4. Maria thanks for the info about the nose, I have two big scars I want done, but the derm seemed hesitant to do excision on them. Maybe I will bring this up to her. Maya and Edy thank you for you support. I do feel better than I did. Lila
  5. Thank you both of you. Maya how long were your stitches in? Edy, by aproximated, I mean, instead of stitch looking like a straight line, it looks like a line opening. Right now I am feeling like if I do have some that need redone, then I should not have to pay again for the ones that need re done. These little scares although bothersome, they are expensive. Did you have to pay to have it redone Maya? I almost think I should go to another doctor. I remember that fella on the message boa
  6. Maya, Could you tell how your excisions were doing when the stitches were in, there are a couple I am not so sure about. Several are red despite the antibiotic ointment, and two don't look very well aproximated. Help please, I am getting worried. Thank you, Lila
  7. Eddy, could you tell it was opening when the stitch was in?
  8. This stuff is expensive! I just paid $750 for 16 excisions. If this works out good, then I will have it done again and then have some resurfacing done. I am a nurse so I pick up a few extra shifts and put the money back for my treatments.
  9. I had my excision done yesterday!!!!!!! It wasn't that bad. I had 16 holes done. I get my stitches out next wedsday. I am nervous still, because it is hard to tell what they are going to look like when the stitches are out. If all goes well, then I will probably get it done again and then have some kind of skin resurfacing. I mentioned to my derm about TCA cross method and she said that they have done that on a few people, but she wasnt really crazy about it. Question for Maya: How long
  10. I have another question, What is the healing time for punch excision? How long before I can where makeup after the stitches are out...............(New Year's Eve is coming up!!!)? My doc said the stitches come out 6 days after the procedure..........is this good/bad or the same as others have had??? Thank you, Lila
  11. It is amazing what different lighting does. Especially bar lights, everyone looks like they have perfect skin. But them damn florescent lights are a killer. and so are bright sunny days, they really show scars.
  12. Hi everyone. I am having punch excision done this thursday at the Cleveland Clinic by a derm surgeon. I am very nervous. The doc has scheduled me for an hour and half. I really dont know how many she will do. She told me that It would probably take 2-3 sessions for my icepick type scars that are primarily on my cheeks, a few on my nose and chin. She said that some people opt for a light chemical peel or light dermabrasion after the sessions are all completed, but some are satisfied with th
  13. Well, I had my Derm Surgeon apointment at the Cleveland Clinic today, She seems really nice. She said that because I have the icepick scars, to have 2 to 3 punch stitch sessions, then afterward if I like have a light chemical peal . She said that they do not use the disolvable stitches because of risk for infection and therfore scarring (which is what is used in double stitch method as someone has said). She said it is the best method for icepicks. She said using TCA could enlarge the scares
  14. Thank you for your replies. I go to a derm surgeon Nov. 4 at the Cleveland Clinic and I will let you all know what she says. I will also mention these other methods to her. My skin is pale and combination oily, mostely in the T zone. I always thought that icepick scars were the tiny deep scars that looked almost black in the center. When the last derm said that I had icepick scarring, I was really suprised because I never thought that my scarring would be all that hard to treat. For the lo
  15. I am new to this site/forum, so bare with me. I went through the whole accutane thing, and am ready for scar revision. I went to a derm a month ago and he said I had ice pick scars and that dermabrasion would be my best bet but then refered me to derm at Cleveland Clinic. (he was kind of old and I am not too sure on his keeping up with the new treatments) I have been reading about these scars on the net and have came across some literature that says this could potentially make these scars wo