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  1. So in most lighting I look pretty normal and you can't see that I have any (or many) scars except on my temples, which I don't really care about anyways. But they're there, and in certain lighting and upward angles they're pretty apparent. The picture I've posted makes them really obvious to see. (pic may not have been approved yet, give it time) http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...i&img=21912 I'm curious if some chemical peels would be enough to at least help? I don't want to
  2. booster


    picture of current scars
  3. Anyone know of a good skin cream with EGF in it (preferably available in Canada) that doesn't cost too much (like revive)?
  4. Anyone know of a good (preferably not too expensive) microdermabrasion kit I can pick up at something like a Shoppers Drug Mart here in Canada? I have a few red marks (not many) and some very shallow scars that I think microderm. can help remedy. Suggestions?
  5. well a much simpler test would be to simply sit in a bath of water for an hour and see how dry your skin gets. If you were so inclined you could even sit in a bath of olive oil or something for an hour and come out with the softest skin you've ever seen.
  6. Anyone know of a good tea tree oil cleanser for sensitive skin that can be found at your basic shoppers drug mart (in Canada)? Or is it possible to put a few drops of regular tea tree oil in some cetaphil and use that (and if so, how much)?
  7. hahaha of course I don't imagine our ancestors as sparkling clean, but I would imagine them as having relatively clear skin. From an evolutionary standpoint it only makes sense. And yes, you're right about the diet. I'm sure the current problem with acne in society is due in a large point to a combination of poor diet and the use of harsh chemicals on our skin.
  8. the past month all I've used is cetaphil once a day, and recently I've cut back on that too. I'm thinking I'll put some olive oil in the cetaphil container so that whenever I do have to wash it'll be a bit less drying. There will be times when I'll have to wash my face because dirt and grime build up (visible dirt and grime, which I believe is the only time the face really needs washing). In these cases I can just do an Oil wash, which is a mix of olive and castor oils gently massaged onto t
  9. I think it has a lot to do with the chemicals in our foods and also the chemicals topically applied to our skin. I know my skin is extremely sensitive and years of washing with cleansers/toners/astringents...all that stuff just aggravated my acne and made me worse off. If I had known this when I was younger and just gently treated my acne then I doubt I would have suffered for so long. I think when I first broke out with acne was just hormonal normal teenager stuff but I just provoked it by wash
  10. Yeah I was thinking that too. Although when I was sick I ate absolutely nothing. I couldn't. Everything I drank just came right back up again...food was the last thought on my mind. It's also possible what Jordan said about our immune systems fighting off the illness which could lead to a reduction in the inflammation of acne. Either one is really a good idea. Also a good point. It really does seem contradictory to what common sense would say though, doesn't it? You'd think that the healthi
  11. Interesting thought on the dehydration thing, because when I was sick this was also the case. But it seems to go against the common knowledge that drinking more water is good for your skin. Another reason might be that while sick I hardly ate anything, and what I did eat was a little bit of chicken and a banana. Perhaps it was also the diet. Most likely it's a combination of all the things.
  12. The more I read about acne, the more I see that it's mainly a problem of modern civilization. It looks like it's a combination of our diets and lifestyles. I think one possability is that we, as a culture, are too obsessed with cleanliness. Our ancestors thousands of years ago didn't shower every day -- few had such a luxury. Even those that did wouldn't have used soap or cleansers but oils (such as scented olive oil) to keep their skin soft. Maybe, as crazy as this sounds, we should just sto