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  1. a really great and gentle exfoliating product is by aubrey organics. They have a complete regimen for each skin type. The exfoliant for sensitive skin has coconut oil and fine waxy beads. It's awesome!
  2. In my opinion subway is only a better fast food choice, but not a healthy meal. It is relative inexpensive and their meats are all loaded with sodium even if it does have "x grams of fat per 6 inch sandwich!" They have to be high in salt to stay fresh for long periods of time. They also probably contain preservatives like sodium nitrate which can be harmful when harmful when nitrosamines are formed. I'm not saying we don't need any salt because we do need sodium in our diets to reabsorb glucos
  3. What do you consider a high amount of soy in one day, R.S.? You are making me paranoid! I did gain about 5 lbs after having about a cup of soy milk daily... I think I was just eating more and exercising less. haha. Dr. Andrew Weil is a fan of soy because he believes their weak stimulating effect on estrogen receptors is much better than strong stimulation from an environmental toxin like phthalates (in plastics) and other hormone mimicing substances in pesticides.
  4. The 28 g of sugar content in bananas is different than 28 g of sugar in say a pastry. Glucose is the only form of sugar our body uses so it has to convert the other simple sugars, galactose and fructose, into glucose. Fructose is not immediately transformed into glucose upon ingestion so it hits the body slower. Most of the fructose conversion takes place in the liver and some takes place in the small intestine's absorptive cells.
  5. ha, my mom is paranoid and didn't buy any leafty type of veggie until lsat week because of the spinach incident. perhaps one day i'll be blessed with a degree of paranoia that will surpass hers
  6. aw, i'm sorry it didn't work out for you. i'm only sharing it because it's helped me out. It works somewhat for me. It keeps blemishes from arising, but I still heavily regulate my food intake. I'm thinking the arnica works for me since I have poorer blood circulation than others? My hands are always cold and stuff... So maybe with increased blood flow to my skin more oxygen and nutrients can reach it and the wastes from the cells are more effectively removed. But maybe if your circulation is
  7. Hey Knowshow, did you try the wet method? any success?
  8. Wouldn't egg yolks be a better source to get lecithin? Yea, Leo's solutions on digestion just involve taking a fiber supplement and eating only like 2 kinds of foods in every meal. Doesn't he say starches should only constitute 25% of a meal and the rest should be like all veggies? I was at a local health food store over the summer and I saw raw kefir for sale. I was tempted to buy it but then I had second thoughts... Leo also says that sauerkraut can be a substitute for the kefir so that's
  9. haha, and we need to make our own kefir! i noticed you saying something about comsuming kefir. do you buy the raw stuff?? but yea, taking all that vitamin c he says is simply unrealistic. how the heck would one take all those supplements w/o overconsuming water? (which he does make note of) also the soy lecithin part is off? it's deemed crap by a lot of sites.
  10. those do sound a ton better than oreos, but many are sensitive to sugar. an alternative would be raweos- the downside is they are wildly steep. http://www.naturaw.com/Blessings_Original_Raweos.html
  11. Newsflash! No one incorporate spinach(at least for now) into your smoothies unless you want to be infected w/ e. coli 157h7 or whatever it exactly is. there's an outbreak in 8 u.s. states from bagged spinach. scarry...
  12. eh, i kinda lost track of what factors made me break out, but now i'm eating more and my skin's not producing an abundance of oil like it was. i didn't realize how oily my skin was. it would be all shiny and ruin my makeup within like 2 hours. ew. lol yea, if you skim thru the topics joe answered he explains that although arnica's not typically reccomended for acne it's done wonders for scores of people's skin that he's assited on that website. I hope arnica works for you!
  13. Ok. So I've browsed thru the msg boards on abchomeopathy.com and found some recommendations for acne prone skin. I did post something saying I took calcarea sulphurica and that was ok, but I still broke out when I took it. It only helped speed the healing time and prevent some blemishes from forming. But arnica montana is wonderful. Some guy named Joe De Lievera (I spelled that wrong) posted this remedy numerous times on their msg boards. He recommends this wet dose where you add 3 pellets of ar
  14. aw man. that was my workout for the day, laughing for 20 consecutive minutes!! the floater/social butterfly this individual fails to see that patience is a virtue and will not stick around one group long enough to see results. they see a post advocating one remedy/variable and try that out for a short period of time. they halfheartedly dabble with supplements, teas, diets, and "cleanses" but not with the passion that's required. their main motive is just to clear up asap so they can sit at the
  15. Thanks for posting that! I was reading thru some of the recipe things (but there's so many!) and some specified that it didn't matter what type of oil to use... what a bummer. i already don't like coconut oil and i'm afraid using olive oil will condition me to hate it! lol