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A bit too harsh
This product got a really fresh and nice scent to it, clear up the oil on my face, and leaving it quite fresh and dry. However, it really is too harsh on the skin, after a week of using this (day and night), my skin, though cleared up (a little) become more red than before. It contained too much acid in it that would really burn your face. I now only use this product maybe once or twice a week, I don't dare to use it more than that. Took me a long time to use half of the product, so it could be said as price-worth... maybe...

By JoshuaChow,

Patience and Work
When started using this treatment, it would worsen the acne on skin, which caused some trouble eliminating them, but later on, it would start to fade and lessen the appearance of the scarrings. But you will really NEED to wait for it to work. However, considering the price and the time needed to work, it isn't that worth it...

By JoshuaChow,