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  1. I could hardly stand the 45% tonight it itched so intensely---How much more of a bite did the 85% pack? I'm so curious, but so reluctant at the same time. I like the Music to My Face stuff since it's very cheap, but if I could get better results with less time...You know, always looking for a better way! I just checked out some old pics of my face and just about fell over. The Mandelic acid/Niacinamide/Ortho-tricyclin has made a major difference! The red spots were SO much worse this time last y
  2. I just noticed you bought the 85% from loganwood I was thinking about! Dude! Let us know how it works. Did you get it off of ebay?
  3. I've been buying my 45% lactic acid peels from ebay, from some outfit that calls themselves Music to Your Face. I'm thinking about switching to a different percentage (with some malic) from a different seller for a while. When I remember to do them, the lactic acid peels work great. I'm thinking about forgoing the mandelic acid and just using the lactic acid peals plus niacinamide lotion. We'll see---I may need mandelic with the summer months coming up!
  4. I've been on MA for right around 2 1/2 months now, possibly more and did notice that I got more whiteheads initially. I also got one monstrous, pencil eraser sized zit on my right cheek last month that left a brightbright red redspot. I also noticed more blackheads around my lips. However, those "side effects" have lessened. One whitehead I'd had for months prior to the MA finally matured into a zit and is now going away. My skin is no where near perfect---if I'm flushed and excited you ca
  5. Months or years, depending. I'm using MA and a lactic acid peel, so they're disappearing much more quickly now.
  6. I wish like other folks I could report a miraculous clearing of acne with the mandelic acid. Two days ago a pimple the likes of which I've never seen, the size of round top of a ballpoint pen rose on my right cheek. It has a GINORMOUS white cap on it and I'm so tempted to blast it off with the high pressure setting in the shower. However, I'm being good. I haven't picked at it. I'm just worried it's going to leave the mother of all red spots behind when it moseys on. ](*,) It's not ve
  7. I feel you, Maya. There are days I look at the two lines on my forehead and then my eyes drop down and I look at the 45 or so red spots that have faded 35-40% and wonder if it will ever be over, will they ever be gone, how is it my skin is worse now than when I was a teenager? Between the acne, facial hair and weight gain from probable atypical PCOS, I sometimes feel like I've been robbed of my 20's and early 30's. I try to think positive, and most of the time I do. I am losing weight, the
  8. Well, I applied my first test patch and then used the lactic acid peel from ebay for the first time tonight. I used it for one minute and whoo! It's definitely acid, isn't it? It stung a bit, burned a bit but the end result was kinda smoother, kinda more radiant skin. Nothing drastic, but then, I'm not using the 70%-only-leave-it-on-your-face-for-30-seconds glycolic acid peel this ebay seller also offers. This guy has 100% positive feedback, but I did wonder if I wouldn't be getting a vial
  9. Per the excellent advice I've gotten here regarding the mandelic acid, I ordered a 2 oz 45% Lactic acid peel off of ebay to try. It just arrived today and while the packaging is cheesy beyond belief, they have a very good record of feedback. My plan is to try this product and if it doesn't work, then try MUAC. I think it could. Hell, if I got 2 years of Time magazine for $5.50 and three years of Glamour for $12 something, anything is possible, right? Of course, I have also gotten very, ver
  10. Last night I lifted weights and my red spots seemed to regain life! I nearly had a heart attack when I looked in the mirror after taking my shower and saw them so pronounced again! I trudged off to bed muttering about showers and weightlifting. This morning they're back to a normal, mandelic acid faded but dark pink. Whew. I've been using mandelic acid for 3 or 4 weeks now and while I'm still seeing results, it has slowed down. I don't expect the current red spots to be entirely gone for m
  11. Months ago a staffer in Glamour magazine tested Dr. Perricone's Pore Refining Concealer with Gluthatione and reported her red spots faded in two weeks. She also advised to pop ibuprophen the second you get a zit to prevent the inflammation that "causes" hyperpigmentation. I'm not sure if it's all it's cracked up to be, but before I tried mandelic acid, this was the stuff I was going to try: Hope this helps. Personally I w
  12. Wow, I've been working a lot otherwise I would have replied to you sooner. Thanks for the welcome and I absolutely agree that derms aren't always that helpful. One told me the pill wouldn't help at all (it's reduced breakouts by 40-50%) and the other told me there was no help for the red marks (lies! Mandelic has made them almost unnoticable). I wasn't impressed with either. I've been using Mandelic acid for 2 1/2 weeks now and have seen about a 40% improvement in my red marks. I also use
  13. Two months ago I went to a dermatologist who came highly recommended. I had 4 pimples and a ton of red marks. I told him that while the acne was bad, the red spots were worse since they never seemed to go away and made my complexion blotchy and weird. He took one look at them and said, "There's nothing we can do for you. They're scars." "But the other dermatologists told me it was hyperpigmentation---" "Yes. But it's still scarring. They might eventually fade, but they might not. The acne