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  1. Mate, i am actually CONFUSED, why you are on this site at all. you dont have any red marks or hardly an acne "problem", you probably get the odd breakout, (cant see any on the pic) but you are soo lucky to have the skin u have, seriously!! just keep to a normal regime and go out and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I am female asian skin, bit lighter, but i think those are just pigmentation or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. not sure how you could treat it, as i have reddish and dk brown pigmentation and i use differin or a retin a to exfoliate the top layers of skin off gradually.
  3. DW, i did the whole towel thing too, also i am a hygiene freak too, but dont let it take over your life or anything...hygiene shouldnt prevent you from doing stuff.
  4. Hey Lexia, I have exactly the same problem as you apart from the fact that mine are more concentrated on the apples of my cheeks... at the moment, i am trying the really clear my active acne i havn't done anything about my marks apart from jessofilate which seems to help and use adapalene which is renewing the skin cells. progress is really slow but i hope i'll get there..
  5. why don't you try out garlic tablets, atleast that won't make your breath stink...just a suggestion you know. BTW, crushing the garlic is really good cos it releases "the good " stuff.
  7. Really did nothing for my skin, I have been using it for over 6 weeks and my face is greasier than ever. It feels good the minute you put the moisturizer on your face but after a while, it's still the same. IMO IT SUCKS, WASTE OF MONEY
  8. Laser hair removal is really expensive though...especially if you're getting it done to the whole of the face. My cousin got IPL laser treatment for her facial hair and she is on her 6 out of 8th treatment and she still has facial hair but its less thick..... to be honest I personally don't think it has made any diffeence on her.
  9. The lip balm is absolutely gorgeous! BTW how much did all that cost you cos I recall that burt's bees is quite expensive??
  10. Luke warm water is warm water that is the comfortable temperature for your skin. I personally don't think there is any right or wrong for washing your face, as long as the water is not too hot as it could be harsh for the skin. I prefer to use cold water after a steam on my face, so my pores close up.
  11. Yeah I know what its like!! Do you think the acnelamp equivalent of the lumiport pen will work as well? I think the acnelamp one is like $30 compared to the lumiport which is $150! Also, do you think the full face one is better than the pen? From your posts it seems like the pen did the job just as good... Thanks for keeping this post up to date! much appreciation I think the lumiprt is for those who have mild acne and only need it for zapping a few zits /for few cysts as it's very dir
  12. 1. Sex/Age. Female age 16 2. What color is your hair? Black 3. Short/Med/Long? Med 4. What type of hair style do you have at the moment? straight and layered with a side sweeping fringe 5. What shampoo/conditoner/special treatments do you use? Pantnene shampoo, L'oreal conditioner and leave in treatment, charles worthington straightening balm 6. What products do you use in your hair? babyliss straightener, styling brushes 7. How long does it take you to fully style it? 30-45 mins to get it FULL
  13. Heya!! Thanks for the advice Ronin, and I promise to keep you guys updated with *cross my fingers* good results...
  14. They make treating and having acne sound like a whole bunch of fun, well that's just bull!