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  1. Hey people, I am in a dilemma, I have had reoccurring acne since last 6 years. I am 24 now. This January I had severe acne all over my face. The acnes are half gone, but a lot of black spots remain. I have been on adapalene since October and god knows how many times before. It seems to help really slow and only slightly fades up my marks. Should i go for accutane? I know the side effects and am honestly ready to go through it since I don't believe anything can be worst then acne. Will it be use
  2. I do bottle up things. I just do not like people giving me false assurance. I am also very practical, so all sunshine talk is not for me.
  3. Over the years of my struggle, I have really become bitter as a person. I hate people.. I hate seeing them, not because I am embarrassed of my looks or something. I just hate them all in general. I hate visiting my parents. I hate everything that is even remotely happy or positive. I am not so conscious about my looks any more. I have actually just stop trying. Does this happen to other peopl? Like u are angry and apathetic all the time. I don't mean bad to anyone though. I just want to be
  4. yes, this is everyone's first reaction.."why me? what wrong did i do? the world is so unjust?" The world is unjust, some people get shit they don't deserve...but it gets better, you not only have to tolerate all this injustice but you are also not allowed to vent...so you have to pull yourself together, the point is not that "its the right thing to do", but its the only thing one can do..so just pull yourself together.
  5. Lemon juice helped me with my dark spots , didn't clear them completely but helped fading them till a large extend. Dilute it with water, but just a few drops . Take a q-tip , soak it in the juice and apply it on the marks of areas of hyperpigmention. I used to keep it for 15 minutes, some people keep it over night. It stinks, it is suppose to stink a little(or more),slight redness would occur but once you wash it of its back to normal. use it only at night. I used to use it when i was on no tro
  6. Hi wannabebeautiful79, Firstly, i really appreciate you posting such a topic and trying to spread positivity. We all need it and stress can be likely to exaggerate acne. But, my views are a bit different than the spiritual healer mentioned above. To start with, i do not think like acne are signal to make us a better person cause this statement implies that all people with acne somewhere need self improvement and all those without it do not cause maybe they are perfect or so.?, every
  7. Well, it depends on people and how they react to each remedy. The basic problem that i have felt is that the root cause of acne in every individual is different and no doctor does a detailed diagnosis of the roots of their patient's acne and neither is there any set mechanism to do so. The problem with the dermatological root is that all tropicals and antibiotics just help dry and treat your present acne, it takes several months to complete the treatment after all the permutation and combina
  8. I agree scaring looks good on men, and the redness will fade away..at least your acne is treated. You can always try all the other options for scar...don't wait for any thing to be happy...cause then the wait never ends, its on thing after the other...so good luck
  9. The day has come to an end..feeling a strange kind of happiness. Think i have reached that point where i am totally messed up, nothing worse can happen...and also the fact that i am still surviving proves that i have been very strong about everything in my life, so i am full of confidence, going to do anything i feel like from now onward...feeling very good.
  10. Feeling a bit normal today, guess the depression episode is getting over, will try to get up and do some important stuff today even though its already mid day and its still so difficult....
  11. I believe, its difficult to draw a line between obsession and normal concern. I think acne is a serious situation and a person dealing with it has a rough time, i don't see people with persist acne feeling okay about it. Even though many people do not exactly fit into the beauty criteria, but they have no concerns about it because its natural, its how you are .But acne isn't natural, its not a part of who you are, its a skin disease that needs to be cured. All those who don't have it don't get t
  12. The haircut, do it I did the same thing and got the macklemore haircut 1,5 year ago, long before it became normal (not trying to sound like a hipster) . People gave me strange looks, but it wasn 't because of my acne anymore Oh, the macklemore haircut must look real cool...yes, i will do something since i have been able to pull off many strange things in the past, but one just cannot pull off acne sad....my parents are like one step away from getting a heart attack from my constant insane
  13. Thank you all for your concerns..... i was thinking of all ways to divert mine and other people's attention from my acne.....so i am now thinking to do something more weird(not self destructive) than acne, like get a crazy haircut or something ( since i am insane enough to put it off) , as to not become the acne girl.....just need to find out what is should be....do i sound crazy..?? no, this actually how i sound when i am in a good mood. Anyways, thanks for all your support again...Love all
  14. Alright, so here i am again, browsing the internet to research more on acne and trying to find an escape from the real world.... just sitting and wondering how sick and tired i am right now, completely exhausted and mentally drained. Acne is a tough situation to deal with...but the constant effort to keep it under control is even more difficult..it seems like it has consumed me and by reading other people's post , it seems like it has consumed a lot many life. All the constant research, skincare