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  1. this worked for me so i have no doubt it will work for other people to. Ok so i have had back acne quite bad for ages and over the last few months have had some appear on my chest as well. About 3 weeks ago i decided to start using the sunbeds twice a week mainly just to cover the couple of scars i have on my face from previous acne, i have always been more concerned with my face than my body acne because you cant see the body acne when you have a top on and go out but your face is always on s
  2. ronaldo

    My tattoo

    From the album: Ronaldo

    This is my tattoo and my clearish back which used to have a load little spots all over it but tanning cleared them up
  3. ronaldo

    My tattoo

    not exactly but it is similar
  4. i use it all the time, does seem to dry things up
  5. From the album: accutane

    ok so this is me 2 years after roaccutane and a lot of moderate-severe acne. I used to have really bad scars and blemishes 2 years ago which have cleared up quite well, my skin used to look very bumpy at that time but it has really flattened out over the past year
  6. ronaldo


    [attachmentid=6154] Can't believe this threads still going
  7. i used to let my sister do it, she used to ask me could she do it though when i was about 13-14. Was kind of weird coz she used to like picking scabs and stuff as well if you had any lol at least she aint like that now
  8. ronaldo

    Laser skin resurfacing?

    So my derm mentioned this laser resurfacing thing the other day and i was just wondering if it was any good, i think its a pretty severe treatment and requires an overnight stay in hospital. I was also wondering if you could get this on the NHS in the uk or if you had to go private?
  9. my friend says it now and again but he also says brad pitt, tom cruise and david beckham are ugly so i dont take it to heart i look at it as a compliment lol
  10. ronaldo

    hard decision.

    if it aggaravates your skin then dont do it, its only temporary till you finish the course
  11. ronaldo

    does accutane work at all?

    lol is roaccutane effective? which planet are you from exactly?, it clears about 90% of peoples acne for the rest of their lives
  12. ronaldo

    It came open!

    ah yes i remember the good old days, 3-4 years ago when i washed my face i would have blood streaming down my face afterwards from about 20 different openings.
  13. i wouldn't even mention it to her and definately don't point out the fact that she has acne!. Just carry on as normal and if she does like you a lot then a few spots wont change that.
  14. ronaldo

    I might actually go mental

    if your not looking forward to going and the only reason is for your friend then i would say don't go. Unless you personally want to then don't, your an adult like you say and you can make your own decisions you don't have to go just to please your friend and your dad if you don't want to.
  15. ronaldo

    you can actually count the holes...

    your skin does look flawless though even from up close. Look how close you took that picture froma nd ask how many people see your face that close up? To me your skin looks fine
  16. dont bother about it. your boyfriend obviously still likes you because hes still going out with you and says there is nothing wrong with you, you should be happy about that.
  17. dunno its a weird situation, technically acne doesn't stop you from doing anything so i dunno
  18. ronaldo

    roaccutane good or bad?

    what side affects can people get?? my face really is a mess and although i dont usually get big spots i still have a lot of redness and it seems quite angry.. saying that i do have a big zit just cum up and its driving me mad... there are lots of side effects like depression, liver damage etc but they are rare and most people only get dry skin and lips which goes away after finishing the course.
  19. ronaldo

    acne after shaving

    yeh you should it will help, you dont even have to press on with it when i use it i barely touch my face
  20. ronaldo

    acne after shaving

    shaving with a razor always irritate and drys your skin and thats probably why you get the white heads. I realised shaving made me breakout out a long time ago so i got an electric shaver with like a sideburn trimmer on it so i use that and it doesn't effect my skin in the slightest
  21. ronaldo

    New Here, Need Your Expert Advice!

    if its scarring i would consider roaccutane
  22. ah dont worry bout it, love isn't all its cracked up to be so just be glad your free and single
  23. ronaldo

    should i trust my dermatologist?....

    wish i knew a derm who would just throw accutane at me lol, i admit i dont really need it but better safe than sorry i dont want it coming back
  24. what she means by "she had a lot of pimples" probably means she had 2 or 3 in her whole teens. Its very insensitive because by saying just wash your face she was assumung that you don't, stupid people should just stick to plucking eyebrows and stay out of other peoples business.