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  1. I went on a low fat diet when I was younger. I was 123 lbs. and 5 feet seven inches. I lost ten lbs. I was too thin. No change in the oily complexion. I do think there is a problem with food breakdown in my body. Maybe gall bladder? Anyway probiotics are the only thing that helped my oily skin. I take renew life ultimate floral 150 billion a capsule. Two a day. Keep them in the refrigerator. I noticed I was getting constipated from the probiotics. I now take the capsule and break it ope
  2. Have had oily skin and severe acne since I was 12 years old. Very oily skin. Hour and a half after washing oil starts to accumulate on my skin. Now 55 years old. Tried fish oil made it terribly worse. Accutane at least 12 rounds. Oily skin always came back after Accutane treatment. numerous antibiotics, holistic diet, gluten free, sugar free, no red meat ect. Nothing helped. Needed to get a hysterectomy due to medical conditions. I said ok a least my skin will finally look better due to no
  3. I am 55 years old and have lived with oily skin since the age of 12! Tried everything. What helps me best is probiotics from renew. 40 strains 150 billion in one capsule. I take two a day. Reduced oil by 75 per cent. I had a hysterectomy and always thought my acne was hormonal. Thought after my hysterectomy my acne would be gone due to no more hormones. WRong!! oily skin and acne were still going strong. My issue is my gut bacteria. I was always thin but had cellulite,never had cavities but ha
  4. probiotics from renew life. 2 a day. 150 billion. Helped reduce oil by 75 per cent.
  5. sounds like he is using the same laser but gave it a different name. He is also using higher settings when targeting the scars.
  6. i would also be interested in getting this procedure if they can promise one treatment only. I wonder what kind of laser he is using or if he is using a co2 at a much higher setting. i am going to call the office and see what i can find out. i will post any information i get.
  7. have u ever noticed when u get a sore in your mouth that it heals so much faster than something on your body.
  8. my hair always had more body when I was on accutane. I think it has something to do with the reduced size of the oil gland. If the oil gland closes or tightens up on the scalp I would think this would cause the hair to be fluffier.
  9. sounds like the same ingredients in liquid bandaid that you can buy at a drug store.
  10. I have been on accutane many times through my 20's and 30's. I remember the first time I was on accutane, this was back in the 80's, the doctors were so scared to prescribe it back then. The doctor started me on 10mg. and I did not have an initial breakout. Over the years I would have to go back on accutane from time to time and when the doctors started me off with 40mg. I always had such bad skin for two weeks. Then clear as day until I would stop the treatment after the 5 months and my ski
  11. What type of antiboitics are you on to help with the initial breakouts?
  12. I am also going on low dose accutane. I am 48 and still have acne. Did anyone experience a breakout in the beginning weeks while of accutane. Can the Derm give you anitboitics like keflex to help with the initial breakout?
  13. I am not sure but these people are beautiful. Nice skin, bodies, hair. The women are radiant, prettier than any supermodel. I believe it is nutrition and genetics.
  14. I looked up some pictures of the people who live on Kitava Island. I do believe their diet helps their skin stay so nice. I also noticed that the men all had their hair. No male patterened baldness is sight. Hmmmm have to wonder.
  15. zoloft really helps with my oily skin and acne. In some cases it is said to worsen acne but my case is the opposite. What other things have you tried topically? Are you very oily?