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  1. I didnt get an initial breakout. Im currently 8 weeks in.
  2. I weigh 160 pounds and was started on 20mg a day for my first month. I just started my 2nd month and I was upped to 40mg per day. I also took prednisone for the first 3 weeks. I had no initial breakout and my skin has only been getting better since day one of taking accutane.
  3. Ok, Im done with one month today. My prescription has been doubled to 40mg daily. I am still very happy with my results. Actually the worst blemish on my face now is a bruise that I got from hockey, that looks like a zit right in the center of my forehead. Only side effect still is chap lips. Click the link in the 1st post to see updated pictures.
  4. Ok, I am done with 2 weeks now so I posted more pics. Im definitely happy with the progress so far. No initial breakout at all, but that may still come...who knows. Only side effect is very dry lips, but aquaphor is pretty good and handling that. I created an html page that you can link to in the very first post to see my pics.
  5. Alters your DNA? lol..c'mon, you dont actually believe that do you?
  6. Prednisone is a steroid that is suppose to reduce inflamation and help prevent an initial breakout from the accutane. I was on Retin-A for close to 6 months. Did nothing at all...but that was years ago that I tried it. Im also on Accutane now because I have pretty bad back acne that has never gotten any better in years.
  7. Thanks. Im keeping my fingers crossed for good results