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  1. If your body digests the odd junk meal okay, I can't imagine it having a problem.
  2. lip acne is quite bad to look at but worse still is pretty painful to feel! By ballooning out, I meant that a whitehead forms quickly for me.
  3. Since I;ve started doing so its given me quite a few zits although Im hoping it will just clear them. Is this an area we should avoid putting any BP on as they pores always seem pretty open - maybe therefore asking for them to balloon out>
  4. Do you just apply the higher strength as a blob on the individual zits or actually rub it in untill its absorbed?
  5. Now maybe using 10% once a week and 2.5 or 5% for the rest of the time sounds like a pretty good idea?!
  6. What do you mean by 'spot treatment'? Is that leaving it on as a blob on individual zits to get rid of them?
  7. I know 2.5% is the most effective so no need for everyone to yell that at me! Cheers
  8. I use 5% quinoderm which is excellent but for it to turn white I leave a very lare blob on the zit overnight which perhaps I shouldn't do? Strange because doing this either seems to bring the pimple to a whithead or completely get rid of it overnight! Suppose it may depend on what area on the face the zits at...?
  9. When I put a blob of BP on a spot in a similar area before, it turned white the next day. Seeing as tomorrow's Friday, I might give this a miss but just wondering what would be the quickest and safest way to play this?
  10. It's the Johnson and Johnson sun cream but states it derm tested and colorant free.
  11. Howver it's never really caused me any specific problems. SHall I continue to use it or avoid it with the BP regime.
  12. what I've found from this board though is that some people seem to believe a product that contains oil is a direct cause for spots/acne which I believe may be a little ott.
  13. Do they all tend to contain oil etc in there? I've never seemed to suffer a reaction from putting creams such as e45 on but never done this directly over BP.
  14. They don;t have that here in the Uk. They only have the Dry Skin relief??!