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  1. Hello, I'm so sorry to hear what you go through.Let me start off by saying your perfect the way you are and you never have to change the way you look for someone else. With that being said if you want to improve your self esteem I recommend the following: 1) Make an appointment with a doctor. See a dermatologist. Get their opinion. And try and high percentage of retin A. 2) Glycolic acid peel NOT lotions. A peel of 40 to 50% is where you'll see tremendous improvement. Read the directions! Do
  2. Yes. STOP exfoliating especially harshly or with a dirty rag that after you use you leave somewhere to collect bacteria. I recommend using a new one each time. Instead of a rag try a gentle cleanser. Use your hands maybe? Good Luck. And give your skin time to heal...Don't mess with it anymore.
  3. Hey! This is long. Sorry to hear your breaking out. I'm so glad you asked this question. Okay so everything I'm about to tell you comes from personal experience. When it comes to home remedies...just know that they won't always work. Take lemon for example. About a year ago I had extremely soft baby skin. I started having small breakouts and wanted to brighten/lighten my skin. It worked great. Until I started using it excessively everyday ALL THE TIME. Lemon is too strong and acidic. It made my