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  1. hey thanks. I had already ordered some. Prescriptions are not an option for me. Is it just that green cream is not as effective, or would it be bad to use for my acne? I ordered level 3, but I feel more comfortable doing this because my skin is somewhat sensitive, depends on the product. Sensitive to BP. Green cream is good for redmarks and scars right? Thanks again.
  2. I want to order some green cream but don't know what level to get... All I see is level 6 and level 3 ??? I have moderate acne,, alot of small white heads, a few small cysts. I have ALOT of redmarks though, and a few small scars. Anybody know which green cream to get.
  3. that would mean you have hormonal acne. That really sucks for you. sorry. never gonna go away
  4. This is a great product you are talking about!!! I've been using it for 10 minutes and my skin feels AWESOME!!! About 5 zits already completely cleared up leaving no red marks behind. OMG!! gotta put more on.
  5. These are instructions for applying ice, hopefully you don't have frostbite. Take an ice cube wrapped in saran wrap and place on the skin portion where you feel a pimple about to form. Hold it there for a few minutes. Avoid prolonged holding as you can get frostbite skin. Perform the above steps three times daily. This technique is effective only on newly forming pimples and rarely useful for existing pimples.
  6. MAC of course it would work if its your own sperm. Acne doesn't disciminate. Go for it. Semen itself has high concentrations of potassium, zinc, citric acid, fructose, phosphorylcholine, spermine, free amino acids, prostaglandins and enzymes, which nourish and protect the sperm. Only 1% of semen is actual sperm. I have recently finished developing a product similar to the makeup of semen, that isn't as gross. This All Natural Acne Mask also has a whole lot more to offer as well. Also
  7. OEDIPUS I think there is a connection between the two. The sneezing is a psycological allergic reaction to the picking/popping because you body and mind know that it is bad. STOP IT . LOL. I noticed you are taking zinc 60mg and no copper. Zinc blocks the absorption and enhances the excretion of copper when taken over time. You could probably take 30 mg but you need to take copper with it. I take chelated copper 2.5 mg. Good luck.. *MOD EDIT*
  8. I didn't find that acidophilus worked for me. The Udos choice is really good, it has 8 specific blends including 20% acidophilus. Also it contains 6 billion viable cells as opposed to acidophilus's average of 2 billion.
  9. Septra is an antibiotic. I am against antibiotic as I am all prescription medications. Antibiotics will not only kill off bad bacteria but they will kill good bacteria as well. Your skin will get worse the first month. Then you will get better, but down the line your skin could get worse and other problems may occur due to low bacteria counts. Also if you really need antibiotics for a serious infection down the road they may not work. I strongly suggest that you get PROBIOTICS. They