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  1. Blistex Complete Moisture. It is great, it comes in a blue tube.
  2. It accaully depends on how bad your acne is. Mine was pretty bad and I started accutane in october and I still have alot of red marks. there was also a minor breakout this last week
  3. I think it mostly depends on the plan you have through them. For me it was or rather is covered, I pay $8 for a months supply of 40mg pills and thats through BCBS.
  4. Ok, so i just started accutane a week ago tuesday and my question is how bad and how long will the initial breakout last? My forehead is getting *alot* of deep sores. I don't mean 2-3, i mean 5-6. They hurt like a mofo too. ](*,) Well i think thats all, thanks
  5. hmm, I just started accutane and aint this sounding lovely. o-well as long as it clears up my mess of a face.
  6. Man, I cant wait. I made sure I took a before picture. I feel so much better about my face just thinking about it. anyway just rambling ttyl
  7. Hi, I’m new here. I have been browsing the forums for a few months though but never really had a reason to post anything. Anyway, I just decided that it was time to see a derm because my acne was getting the best of me and i was sick of it. I have had acne for 3 years, and have enjoyed every minute of it :^o ok not really, but it had never been really bad till this school year. I just started getting massive breakouts around the beginning of this school year that I can only contribute (