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  1. I forgot to ask you what's your thoughts on the dermarolling? As I've read a few posts on here about it... Would be great to hear if you think it would be any help.. Thankyou! I have never done the TCA cross, I'm too nervous to do any of those really strong acids on myself. I have done a couple peels and use Dan's AHA nightly. I have heard good things about dermarolling but mostly on rolling scars, and the results can take upto a year to really be prominent. Something more targeted that I hav
  2. The close ups are kind of a low resolution, but I'd say you have the common dual presence of both icepick and box car scars. You don't seem to have any rolling, or wavy, scars which can be a pain. Your box car scars, the shallow rectangular ones, could be softned with an AHA or a peel, maybe microdermabrasion or a fraxel if you save money and are feeling upto it. The icepicks could be treated with a TCA peel, which is a very intense acid that basically causes a scar within the indented scar t
  3. I just rinse off after I work out, unless I work out later in the day/night, I usually do my routine around 8-9pm, so If I work out at like 6, when I'm done (usually about 1.5 hrs), I just wash my face with cleanser to avoid over irritating/excessively drying out my face. Washing your face with cleanser 4 times is seemingly too much IMO.
  4. Try Dan's AHA, has helped me significantly in roughly 6 months.
  5. Acne is completely different from "nearly any personality/physical" trait. Having blonde hair is a feature that you have, having acne is a symptom of a skin disease. Trust me when I say that NO ONE is attracted to disfiguring cystic acne. It's the truth. It's not just a "preference". Secondly, some of us are hardly the only ones "critical" of ourselves. I get insulted from people all of the time because of how I look. You can be as confident as you want but people will reject you if you look ter
  6. I think it's pretty obvious that dating/attraction is subjective. To some people acne is not a big turnoff, to others it is. That's why I dislike these threads of "blunt advice", it doesn't need to be blunt, it's the same for nearly any personality/physical trait. Just like some girls/guys can't stand people with blonde/red hair, those people exist haha. I think the most important part to remember is that we are all the most critical of ourselves, confidence stems from self perception of val
  7. I haven't tried primrose oil supplements. But I'm currently taking a biotin supplement that's meant for hair skin and nails so it has some other good vitamins like A, C, zinc and copper. It seems to be helping, makes my skin look healthier and not so red in my opinion.
  8. I think that whatever works for any individual person is what they should continue doing for themselves for the betterment of their own specific situation. Acne is pretty subjective person to person, sure numerous things such as BP are universally known to help kill acne bacteria, but like what Kay24 is saying it all depends on the person. I personally also noticed an improvement in my skin when I started eating better and working out more. I started treating my body better so it in turn star
  9. Could be a combination of both Polska, AHA has worked for me, it has reduced my PIH and makes me skin look really good the morning after I apply it. Are you using it by itself or are you mixing it with a mositurizer? I found that it was too strong on my skin by itself and would leave my skin super read, and made me break out a bit around my nose like you said. I think overall if you stick with it its a great product, but slow introduction with moderation is key.
  10. Working out has helped me a lot with both my skin and my overall confidence. I'm a huge proponent of weight lifting, for both men and women, I think it relieves stress while at the same time making you healthier and promoting skeltomuscular health. Also I feel like sweating a bit and working out helps my skin, after a workout and shower my skin always seems to glow/not look red the next day. Also try avoiding staring at mirrors or just focusing on your skin. I sometimes forget that when I'm
  11. I have this exact problem. I am currently using T-Sal and that seems to be helping me a bit, I tend to run a little oily on my scalp so I think that's leveled it out a bit, but I've heard of sulfur shampoos working for some too. I also noticed that when I eat candy or processed sugar it gets worse for me so I try to avoid eating anything too sugary. Hope that you find something that works for you, maybe try asking a different derm? A low dose of antibiotics could maybe help clear it up.
  12. First off lol that you said "lol", second it's not that bad, it just looks bad now because its inflamed. Are you doing the regimen? You need to take care of your active acne and get it under control to prevent from more ocurring and the propogation of the redness. You are a good looking dude, and as long as you don't pick and pop it looks like you won't have much scarring occur. Have you been to a derm? Good luck, honestly a good and consisent regimen should help you a lot. I like the mois
  13. Sorry to hear that you're feeling down about your marks, honestly, even though the lighting is poor, they don't take away from your natural beauty. I've had great success with the acne.org AHA, I can really see a difference in the pigmentation of my red marks, turning back to a more skin color rather than the bright red. I think that reducing the redness would also improve your overall complexion as the redness is the most attention grabbing in my opinion. I've also heard lemon juice works to
  14. Looks like some rolling, a few icepicks, and a couple box-cars, the gambit of acne scars. Reiterating what was already said though, does not look bad, I would say maybe a tca peel or looking into V-beam/laser. Also reducing redness greatly reduces appearance in my opinion, ive been using the jojoba oil with the regimen mositurizer, has really decreased the redness. Hope this helps!
  15. Hey, keep your head up! It sounds like you are trying the right things and are coordinating with your derm which is good. It's only a matter of time until you find something that works best for you, or your hormones stop freaking out. Assuming from your timelines, 7th grade in 2012, that makes you about 15/16, you're still in that period where your hormones are super active and could be the main culprit to your skin problems. I say stick with it, keep talking to your derm, and don't give up