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  1. Thanks for the words of encouragement I honestly can't wait to start taking the pill. I feel like at this point I deserve clear skin and I really don't want to risk getting more scars and hyper pigmentation for natural alternatives anymore This community is truly so helpful! Mel
  2. Hey everyone! I have had BAD acne for almost 5 years. I am so terribly sick of it. In the beginning I genuinely thought I could go to the drugstore, find a magic potion and just be rid of the blemishes. I have come to realize that the very long isle FILLED with various brands of bullshit don't do anything if your acne is both hormonal and persistent. I have also come to realize that I cannot and should not depend on these crap products. They won't clear my skin, bring back my self esteem, or
  3. That is a solid point you have given me much to consider. Did you have any fear taking these drugs? or any reactions?
  4. Its funny, I was prescribed Ortho tri-cyclen and spironolactone. I rejected both because I fear side effects and impermanence- my doctor warned me that results would stop once I stopped taking these pills. I just really don't know how much more of this I can take. I genuinely feel bad for the sucker that has to wake up to this everyday. I have tried the natural route for ages and it has been effective but not always. I will see if the benefits outweigh the risks Thanks for the advice! Mel
  5. Hey everyone. its about a week before that special time of month and my face won't let me forget it. So I thought I would share a few pictures of what my skin looks like. I wanted to upload the pictures from my phone- you would actually see every lump and bump but that failed so check out these crappier webcam versions Currently my skin hates me. Be assured the feeling is mutual. I went to Sephora just the other day and bought the Kat Von D foundation to try and hide this crap. It hides co
  6. Hey everyone! So tomorrow people are coming over to my house. I guess this has caused me much stress. anyways my skin has been vicious. My chin had lines of painful bumps all over it. and my cheek acne came back with a vengeance. I really wish I took a before and after picture to show you how well this treatment works. So because I got desperate I created a recipe to awesome skin. I used things I had at home and the results are lovely thus far! Here she is: 3 spoons of turmeric powd
  7. Do you ever feel like your part of a vicious cycle? Battling with hating your pimples, covering them, and then hating the new breakouts- I have fought this struggle for almost 5 years now. I don't like makeup. At first I did. I thought it would help me feel better. However, washing my face late at night and realizing the problems were still there, worse, and destroying my complexion have been the turning point. The reality of my skin has made me hate makeup. I love doing other people's makeup- i
  8. Good Luck!! I hope this works for you too I just apply my moisturizer it has no spf but if you think you have sensitive skin then I don't see any reason for you not to use it! From my experience the skin has lightened- I had three very stubborn spots on my right cheek that don't look like they ever happened! Mel
  9. Hey everyone! I have had this obsession with avoiding the sun for the past 2 years. I wear huge hats, cover my face with the mirror thing in the car in the weirdest angles, and never swim. Anyways, I have noticed that my skin really didn't improve in these past two years. I just basically stayed whiter than my usual self and my pimples and scars actually looked more noticeable. So if your wondering why I did this- Over googling is the problem. I read that the sun will make scars worse while a
  10. haha soo true! glad you enjoyed it
  11. mel90

    Day 21

    hello! I actually wrote a blog about how to eliminate acne scars In my experience lemon works really good- but much slower than other at home remedies. Now depending on how sensitive your skin is- I would try an all natural Apple Cider Vinegar. this has REALLY faded my dark scars on my cheeks. I am pleasantly surprised by it. I have only been using ACV for a little over a month and I am super impressed. I use it twice a day on a cotton pad. I don't dilute it with water. but if you have sensit
  12. Hey everyone! Being a victim to acne often means constant Google searches for cures- most of the time we seek fast working cures! I remember having a big family gathering and freaking out the night before because my acne had no mercy. I was covered with breakouts and needed a quick solution. I came across ice for the first time as a solution for acne. This was about 2 years ago. After trying Ice many times I have made some observations and I have come up with a conclusion that could help so
  13. Hello all, I have got a pretty random topic today! I want to talk about how I clean my face and how it has really helped my acne I know we have all heard of the Clarisonic or face brushes in general. I have been using a similar (significantly cheaper) face brush by Olay. I used to be quite skeptical about these types of devices because its of course, not a good idea to over-scrub our skin. This being said, I love cleaning my face with this brush, I can only imagine how great the Clarisonic m
  14. well, in my experience moisturizer is pretty much always a must! I get that being oily is not the goal but starving your skin of moisture usually causes it to over compensate and produce extra oils so if not daily at least 3-4 days a week this is just my own opinion of course based on how my skin reacts also I just found out "taners" are people using accutane lol I never used accutane. It was prescribed to me but I rejected it. You my friend are brave! That being said- my cousin used accuta
  15. haha mine are too! I have 3 right now-they're so small and they seriously brighten up my day