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  1. Hello again! I've been reading a lot of reviews and statements on blogs on OLAY Regenerist Cream Cleanser. But a lot of them say "the black tubed one" helped them with their acne and scarring. This one right here: LINK: So what is the difference between that one and this one [other than the size of the tube and probably that that one had been discontinued] LINK: I just want to know if one is better than the other because although the 2nd link has some wonderful reviews, I did noti
  2. Greetings you wonderful people! I apologize in advance if my post is a bit long but I have some very important questions and I hope you guys can help me. I’ve recently adapted to the caveman regimen. I’m about three weeks in and I have some concerns. Now to begin though, I must tell you – acne does not run in my family. Also the reason why I thought this regimen would be a good thing is because when I was 15-18 years old, I NEVER washed my face. Whenever I was in the shower was when I would w
  3. I thought pigmentation were dark brown marks not red? At least, that is what I've been reading for quite sometime now.
  4. Hello everyone! This is my 2nd time posting here so forgive me if I made a mistake in terms of where I am posting. So I had perfect skin up until I turned 20. I never washed my face or put moisturizer on and I had clear skin that wasn't dry or anything. Then I cut my hair extremely short and I started breaking out. Then I began using olive oil to clean off my make up and I think that's where it all went down hill. I'm left with these red marks. They are a huge cluster of bumps on both s
  5. I'm pretty sure these are not pimples or from a normal break out. I've had this spot for over 4 months and no matter what I used, it WON'T GO AWAY! I've had a pimple here and there but this is ridiculous. And with these...they hurt. They hurt when I'm just standing. They hurt when I am laying down trying to sleep and I can feel it pulsating sometimes. I've kept my hair up despite how bad it looks and still nothing changed. I am starting to wash my face with something softer. I cannot trigger