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  1. yo julian, i;m assuming u got red from retin-a. Is your face back to its orginal colour exactly as it was and if so how long did it take u? and retin-a does suck. thanks for the reply peace
  2. I;ve been using benzoyl peroxide for about 3 months then went on retin-a for about 7 months and the skin all around my face except for eyes, chin, and nose became red(it was red for the whole time). For the past 5 days i;ve been doing nothin but wash with a non-medicated cleanser(spectro-jel) and applying 99% aloe vera at night and moisturizer in morning. (my acne is undercontrol cuz of tetracycline). The redness has been subsiding but is still present. My question is will my skin ever be th
  3. You said the sulfur mask helped redness. My face is so red, wouldn't using sulfur a drying agent make it worse. I look sunburned in the winter. Can you please give me some more information.
  4. I read in a post in the prescription section that the dermatoligist told the person not to wash your face in the shower because it loses effectiveness. I wash with the C&C cleanser in the shower all the time with my face wet and hands. I';m wondering if it will be more effective if i wash before or after. Can you guys please give me detailed routines that you do and if its working. For ex. Before or after How wet is your face etc How much you rinse off thanks alot P.S. - i would l
  5. Well i;ve been using this regimen for a week i think, and I am so pumped about the results!! I use the sa in the morning with cetaphil moisturizer, and sa and Bp at night. I;m almost clear of pimples and just have a lot of red marks. Also my skin tone was red before, and my skin is slowly going back to its normal colour. I can't wait to see what my skin is going to be like in a couple of weeks. Thanks a lot Botchla, this regimen is sick. And my face is so much smoother.
  6. Ok, here's the deal. I' m a 16 year old guy with bad acne. I always have a couple pimples on my forehead and pimples ALL OVER my cheeks. It fuc#kin sucks but hey wtvr. I've tried a bunch of stuff and nothing really works ( proactiv, erythromycin, retin-a). I just got prescribe tetracycline 1 gram a day and i just picked up these day [email protected] products cuz of all the great results ppl have been getting. So i;m trying it all and hopefully this will work with the tetra so i'm going to post my progre
  7. thanks, are u clear now and what do u use now? Anybody else no anything to get rid of redness. I;ve been applying Vaseline to my face to help the redness go away and i;m not sure if its working yet.
  8. Please help. I am on a generic tretinoin cream for about 9 weeks and it has cleared me up pretty good but wherever i apply it is red like a burn! I wash with a non-medicated cleanser in the morning and moisturize with Cetaphil SPF one and at night i was with the cleanser and wait 30 minutes and apply. Why is my face red!! I look like a racoon cuz around my eyes is white skin because i don't apply the cream there. My skin doesn't burn or hurt or anything but is just a red colour. Could it be
  9. I started stievamycin june 20 somethin of this summer, broke me out for like 8 weeks and then started to clear me up and i was pretty much clear except for red marks and like a pimple every 3days that was small or wtvr. I would just use it at night after washing with a non-medicated cleanser called spectro-dem. AS AN FUC*KIN IDIOT, i stopped using it cuz i was a little red and i just wanted to improve my skin tone so i tried the "acne cure". The BP and ice burned me worse than stievamycin an
  10. I'm on Stievamycin too. It's 0.025 tretinoin and 4% erythromicin. It took a while for it to start working but now I'm on my way to clear (except red marks) but wherever I apply it its red ( i use very little, and i use a non-medicated cleanser). I would like to know how to get rid of this redness too. I look like a racoon sometimes cuz my face is red except for around my eyes cuz i don't apply it there. By the way my face doesn't really burn or is really dry, just red from the topical.