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  1. I'm taking tetracycline for my acne right now and I've been on Yasmin bc for a while now. i know that antibiotics make bc's ineffective, so I'm looking for a different form of bc. I know the iud is an option, but I dont have perscription coverage on my health insurance and the iud's $800. Anyone know of any other options? Thanks
  2. Now that I haven't had any new acne in a while I stare obsessively at my scars. They suck and they're obvious. It's always something, huh?
  3. Ha ha vodzal, that isn't very comforting. You're on 250 mg 2x daily as well? How long have you been on itz?
  4. Im taking 250 mg of teracycline 2x daily. Is that super excessive? I see many people on 100 mg of mino 2 x daily and it makes me worry
  5. Hi all! Im on tetracycline and its working fabulously, of course. But i guess i cant be on it forever. What's a safe amount of time to be on antibiotics without causing problems?
  6. Thanks bailey39! Australia would be awesome, i didn't think of there. Im 25, but i might have to wait til grad school, because I just found out that I have to do an internship Rebecca, I can't believe you took a 9 month old!!! How did you pay for rent and stuff while you were there? The student loans? Did you work at all? Did you pay the lady who watched your daughter? Sorry for all the questions. I don't know if I could talk my parents into the whole thing. Probably so. Like I said, I might
  7. Hey all! Sorry this post is a bit off subject, but i'm interested in doing a study abroad program, but im the single mom of an 18 month old. I think something like this would be a great experience for my daughter if i could bring her too. Has anyone heard of anything like this? I know theres people from everywhere on this forum, so any info would be appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Hey all! I started on Borage oil and lecithin 5 weeks ago with pretty amazing results. i got a big cyst on my cheek 2 days ago, but other than that my skins been pretty much clear from the second I started taking the supplements. I was only taking 1 g of borage oil 2x a day, which I upped to 4 g 2x a day since reading this thread. Hopefully that'll make this cyst go away, but anyway, I've been on the csr for 6 months now and its done little to help out my skin. i have quite a bit of scarring sin
  9. Damn. I guess I can't escape the after bp break out. Whats sad is that im gonna break out when i get off it, but it hasn't really done me any good anyway. Hey! Thats not fair
  10. Good luck babs! When's the wedding? Keep me updated on how borage oil works for you!!!
  11. I really wanna quit using bp, but I'm pretty sure Im gonna break out at least a little bit. I've been on the csr for 6 months. So should I wean myself off it or quit cold turkey? Im almost leaning towards cold turkey, but I wanna wait til after my period next week. What do you guys think?
  12. So I've been on the csr for 6 months now, and its done little for me. I think that I've scarred more since ive been on it, too. I got on Yasmin bc a few months age and that's begun to help except during my period. I've recently begun taking Borage oil and lecithin and it's really worked for me, which has made me realize even more how much the csr hasn't. I'd like to quit but I'm afraid of breaking out, since my skins used to the bp and all. Any tips from anyone who's quit. Or success stories.
  13. Wow KaBooMX. That site is crazy!!!!!!! Damn. Thats true that there are a few examples on MTV, especially made, but the people on made are less attractive than those on any other MTV show. I guess its just wierd because every where I go i see people with acne. So many people at school( I love how so many people don't care to wear makeup to college classes! Wish I could do that too!), I go to the mall and I see tons of people with acne who dont seem to care to much and are still attractive. Why ca
  14. Im sure im not the only one who's noticed that there's never been anyone on any MTV show, that i've noticed at least with acne, not even on the reality shows. Seriously, there's every other sort of person and some are overweight or just unattractive, why not include someone with acne too? I wonder if they screen for such things