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    Music-all kinds really-(System of a Down, My Chemical Romance, PANIC! at the disco, Bright Eyes, Dashboard Confesionals, Death Cab for Cutie, Fall Out Boy, From First To Last, Hawthorn Heights, Hot Hot Heat, The Kooks, The Sex Pistols, YellowCard, Blink 182, Artic Monkeys, Boys night out, Fall out boy, All American Rejects),<br />dancing, hanging out with maties (jewie,shona,dave,adam,swingle,jacob,tash, etc), Jon <3 my love, drinking, house parties, double chocolate chip cookies, Jacobs shitty cars^.^, annoying my parents, having someone to love, having someone to love me, shopping, bitching, Jewie, randomly serching the net, hanging out with best maties and not having to say anything to have a laff, the Shex, melted chocolate :P, droping out of college >;.<;, Spike from Buffy, taking ammusing photos, karioki (however spelt), DDR, laughing at stupid people, gossip, baked bean + cheese toastys ^.^, Shouting alllllll da time ^.^, pepsi max, laughing, taking the piss, pure orange juice.....
  1. Probably the first propper sun shiny summer day in England and ive got sunburn all on my face- neck - and upper chest area *bum* I told my mum yesday to buy me some sun screen as im on Doxycycline - but her advise 'it'll be alright just for tomorrow' hmmmmmm so wrong - Doxycycline makes you sencitive to sunlight as '%@?#'. So heres my question; What should i do ????? (that whont make my skin worse etc) in the morn b4 college i ; take 100mg Doxycycline, exfoliate my face, put BP gel, moistu
  2. i like the way its worded "she TAKES her husbands sperm" lol -x-
  3. I did this last week! wore BP none stop for 2/3days on April 21/22/23. Sent my face red and dryed my skin out completly. Scaly sheeks peeling chin and eyelids (even tho i dont put it there???!!) I also use exfoliating wash and exfoliated like crazy my face in hope that the skin woulnt look like it was fallin off my face the following week at college but afterwards my eyes StUnG like crazy! I lay off the BP for about 3days only applying it in areas that i knew werent drying out from b
  4. Chello, well ill get to the point - Im a student - no money - using Duac gel (Benzol peroxide + clindamycin Phosphate) and Doxycycline - in desprate need of a cheap decent mousturiser Many on the massage boreds seem to have alot of good wprds to say about Eucerin Skin Renewal SPF15 Day Lotion but i really cant spend like £10 as *nooooo pennies* I think my limit is £5 - lol To my name at the in i have £3.30 in change and 20p in the bank - woooo - go me Really want to go to town 2
  5. Yeah - i realise that now really, i think im going to finish the medication for this month and see if there are any improvements and then go and see my dermatologist about accutane again. Has anyone also found that its much easyer to get brused on this medication ??? I rember last time on it my legs always ended up getting little bruses on them from slight knockes. And I have about 5 on them again now and one on my side which must be from my bed ?????? -x-
  6. Hi all, first time posting and all. Just been reading all your posts about your experiences with Doxycyline. I first went on Doxycyline 100mg once daily in October 2004 and it was percribed with PanOxil gel. I took the pill with my breakfast in the morning (weetabix + milk) and used the gel at night. Sometimes i didnt take the pill in the orn - i would take it when i rembered altho taking it at college was a bad idea i seem to rember throwing up afterwards because i eaither didnt take it with