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  1. Hey all, I've thought I fixed my acne and posted about it multiple times years ago...but then after a week or 2 of clear skin, I'd be right back where I was. So this time, I waited a full 3 months to make sure this was for real...and thank god it was. So please ignore any of my older posts. I want to let anyone who could be helped by this know what did the trick because having clear skin for the first time since puberty is wild...it's so incredibly uplifting that I've literally had my depression
  2. sonicx2218

    Vitamin D Has Cured Me Of Oily Skin And Acne

    I hope you realize you'll OD if you keep this up. That amount is to only be taken for extremely deficient people for maybe a week. Since you probably didn't get tested, you have no idea if that is the case. If it helps with oil that much, go in the sun for 20 minutes without sunscreen daily and you'll make the same amount of D without worrying about OD'ing (pun).
  3. sonicx2218

    Water Has Been Breaking Me Out!

    I have a mediocre filter, so I can't attest to the more expensive models available. I found an easy way to get around the buildup of water minerals (even in softened water) if the filtering isn't doing enough is pouring a bit of bottled water down your hair and face after showering. I can make one bottle last 4 showers and its worked so far in keeping pore clogging.
  4. sonicx2218

    Water Has Been Breaking Me Out!

    I want to say, since this is an experiment and theory, not a bible preach, that I noticed when I stopped my other beneficial habits, my skin quality did go down. Even though the water had the biggest effect, all the other modest lifestyle changes added up. What I'm trying to say is...if something you have started doing to improve acne has only helped it a little, don't stop; A lot of little improvements = major results. I keep coming back because I want to help people and be helped.
  5. sonicx2218

    Water Has Been Breaking Me Out!

    Good advice to anyone reading! For me, not having one new zit in 2 weeks..which is a first in 5 years is enough for me. If I can reach a month, I'll be convinced that my skin really is that ridiculously sensitive to the water. For many other people though, like you say, it may not improve their skin as much, because that one factor may not be the real cause.
  6. sonicx2218

    Water Has Been Breaking Me Out!

    I spent all of last year thinking it was internal because all my external treatments hadn't worked after 5 years of exploring. While it made me improve my lifestyle choices tremendously, I was on the completely wrong track. Washing with distilled/filtered water has healed/cured my acne probably 95%. That's honestly good enough for me considering how severe it's been for years.
  7. sonicx2218

    Water Has Been Breaking Me Out!

    I talked to a few people who claimed hard water cleared their skin and soft water broke them out. If you're breaking out and you have hard or soft water, try washing once a day with the other type. Everybody's skin is different
  8. sonicx2218

    Vitamin D Has Cured Me Of Oily Skin And Acne

    D3 was a no-go for me; I had better effects sitting in the sun for 15 minutes than taking pills. My solution was the quality of the water I was cleaning my face and body with. Tested the water and it failed.
  9. sonicx2218

    Water Has Been Breaking Me Out!

    Just wanted to chime in that you can buy this to test if it's your water that's breaking you out or not. I think it's good to rule out causes. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004L2824Y/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A2ZSCSRVEKBRWI I also don't want you to try this if it's not going to help and ends up being a waste of time lol. Not all people break out for the same reasons, and if your water comes up clean, than it's likely not the water causing the problem. People who
  10. sonicx2218

    Internal Remedies That Have Worked For You?

    I still eat pretty much whatever I want as long as it's not super unhealthy. I honestly eat bread with gluten every day. I have family members with celiac, but I still have never had a negative reaction with it yet. Magnesium for me relaxes my muscles at night when I take it, and absorbs the caffeine from coffee to help me sleep better. I started it at the same time as zinc, so I can't be 100% the magnesium helps with acne as much as relaxation.
  11. sonicx2218

    Internal Remedies That Have Worked For You?

    It took about 2 months. Surprisingly a week of the only water once-a-day-wash-method improved my face more than the previous 2 months. The only difference in my diet is I limited my dairy significantly; I go most days without touching dairy. No I do not use BP or put anything on my face. It took about the full week for my face to adjust and I had a bit of dead skin and peeling, but it gets better daily. Within 3 days of starting the treatment, all my zits under the skin came to a head and t
  12. sonicx2218

    Internal Remedies That Have Worked For You?

    It's boosted the speed of redmark reduction by like 8x, so at this point I don't have much negatives to show...other than that in this most recent shot, I'm very close to 100% clear. Going to cut my hair short this week, as I kept it long for years to reduce how many pimples people could see.
  13. So I started the almost caveman-regime and have been improving constantly without any new breakouts over the week. I've been wondering why this treatment has been working...and I've come to a conclusion. It's my tap water. We have a water softener, but the tap water at my house still dries out my skin and hair. Doing research, I've found that many houses have terribly heavy-metal ridden tap-water and chlorine. The chlorine is necessary to keep the water clean, but must be filtered out via the ho
  14. sonicx2218

    Internal Remedies That Have Worked For You?

    Of course. Every thing I try, I see through all the way. That's why it really blows when I invest in something that doesn't work after so much investment time. are you going to post pictures of your acne? Unfortunately, I've never kept any photos prior to the treatment...as my face was pretty bad and I was self-conscious. So now I have fairly clear skin, and a photo wouldn't work very well. I'll take a photo soonish, and will post comparisons to my skin in a couple weeks when it improves fur
  15. sonicx2218

    Clear Skin On Vacation. Horrible Skin Once Home.

    Thanks so much for the post! I've been so paranoid about wiping my face with a dry cloth. Glad to know I don't have to worry about ruining the regime by doing that. Everyday my face gets less oilly by nighttime than the day before! Seriously stoked about how this seems to be improving day by day.