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  1. Good for those who have self discipline with diet.

    The biggest cause for Spironolactone not working is a bad diet. You simply cannot go onto this medication without understanding it's used for high blood pressure first and foremost. Unless your doctor also gives you a referral to a dietitian to work on a low potatssium, low sodium diet, you will find that mood swings, bloating and feeling fatigued are because your potassium levels are out of wack. Spironolactone works as an anti-androgen but for those of you who are under the age of 30, I wou
  2. Hey there, been a long time reader and a five year adult acne sufferer. When I was a teenager I didn't have many pimples at all, but I was given the HORRIBLE advice that it was okay to pop them =( Fast forward to being an adult- late 20's and hormone changes and thinking it was okay to pop a zit.. and a terrible mess ensued. I've used- Proacive, Acne-Free (from the store), accutane, solodyn with clyndamiacin and adalapene gels, etc etc Finally, I stopped using everything on my fac