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  1. Hi, Sharing something that probably less people know and heard about. We always aim for better Diet to fight Acne but do we know that, does our blood type support this diet? Yes, we do not know. We always read and follow, most of the time without acquiring deep knowledge and We just run towards results and that's why we never achieve the results we Aim for, because we Aim aimlessly! makes sense? So, here's a thing about a thing! Acne is a disease caused by internal & external fac
  2. Hi, I am going to donate blood soon to help others and eventually myself. I was wondering if you did it already and wanted to share something? Thanks!
  3. They write it this way so a lay man could understand.In realtiy or practically its not a disease but you are not wrong if you say its a disease but neither right. also its curable, you can make a poll out of this issue. now youd argue more I know. letme ask you soomething, is bad breath, excessive sweating, itching and hair loss a disease or symptom? is there any cure for bad breath and rest?
  4. Acne is a symptom not a disease. its just Acne is not taken seriously by medical professionals since it isnt a big threat hence there are not as many acne research centers as there are supposed to be which is sad. many doctors claim to cure acne in four months which is true for some patients. There is cure for Acne, you just have to find yours.
  5. Acne can't let anyone down if you hang in tight on yourself. Acne doesn't make a difference in your personilty but you do, how you carry yourself matters more. Always be confident and do the right thing, never let acne come between you and your love, work or whatever. Be happy cheerful, love, educate, and help others, live your life fully. Don't make an acne excuse. Thank almighy for saving you from diseases which have no cure uptill now. Cheers! Happiness is the key.
  6. You can get Extra Virgin Olive Oil and put it on your scar twice daily. Once before sleep and once during the day, your mark will fade away with continuous use. Also be stress free as stress will cause more breakouts.
  7. Sometimes overdosing is not the only probelm. Many people don't know this, but taking different vitamins pills can make your liver heat up which leads to illness, but you can keep yourself from falling ill if you get blood tests every four month, especially LFT (Liver function test) to stay healthy. Cheers)
  8. This is a very logical approach and with proper diet you can achieve outstanding resultsl; I am sure.
  9. Donating blood the traditional way will not only help others but yourself; you're giving your body a chance to make new blood which is better than the one you donated. You're supporting your body by minimizing the pressure inside you, you're giving away whatever in the blood plus alot of waste. Your body will be less oily, you skin will glow and you will feel healthy. But your job isn't done yet, after donating blood you have to eat healthy, organic and pure. If you do that, the new blood tha
  10. When I donated, it really helped me a lot. Thanks anyways)
  11. Talk to your doctor about Bio-resonance therapy.